The modern age and its effect on the youth.

I’m literally listening to a teenager’s Soundcloud feed right now. And loving it.

This kid has more talent than I could have dreamed for when I was a teenager. I’m not jealous.

So I was perusing one of my favorite iPhoneography sites, We Are Juxt, and discovered an interview with a teenage Instagrammer , @dj_cue, that isn’t obsessed with taking selfie shots in the mirror. He’s talented, he’s creative, and he’s original. His Instagram feed is so distinct and original.

It kind of amazes me the things teenagers can do in this day and age. When I was in high school, I took pictures for the yearbook on one of those original digital cameras that took floppy disks. Like this:

And now we can take better quality photos on our phones. And while we’re on the subject of how old I am/feel, this was my first cell phone: Many of you might remember these relics of the past, but some of you may just think, what the hell is that? We’ve come a long way, baby. Texting was a new phenomenon then, and now it has virtually replaced talking on the phone. Millions of teenagers upload their Vlogs on to You Tube every day, their entire lives are documented on Facebook and Twitter, and they don’t even have to wait for movies to come out to DVD before they are downloaded straight from the Internet. In this age of over-consumption of technology and media, it’s nice to see kids using technology for good and not evil.

Oh yeah, gonads. Why? Because that word is so funny and never gets used anymore.

I was trying really hard to make a sticker for a sticker campaign yesterday, and it just did not work out at all for me. I kept getting the ratio wrong with going from iPhone to the sticker printer, so I gave up. I am tech retarded quite a bit of the time. I’m working on my handicap though. So I made it a print on my Etsy & Society 6.

Whoa, ever lose entire 10 minute blocks of your life looking at ridiculous celebrity gossip on the Internet? I wish I could say it didn’t happen that often… Must unfollow TMZ on Twitter.



Check out that new WordPress iPhone UI. Pretty snazzy shit. I just wanted to give the WordPress app developers a little praise. They do work hard after all. I mean I think they do. I personally can’t build apps so it’s not easy. But maybe once you get the hang of it… My eyes glaze over if people start talking about Windows OS and blah blah. See? I couldn’t even finish a sentence.

I’m not totally sure that this is what I intended this blog to be about. I was just so pumped about an app update.

I think my first intention was to post a few nail art pics. Sorry, I keep getting distracted by the YouTube videos my boyfriend keeps playing. Look up Jaboody Dubs, he’s a voice dubbing genius. I have some prints to pack up and ship out so I should be on my way. Here’s the nail art I promised.




Red Bull Gives Me Wings.

Sometimes life is funny. Sometimes, the best thing to do is sit back and take it all in. Yesterday I left work on an empty tank and hoped all the way home that Squishy could make it 30 miles home. This morning, I had to hope Squishy could make it the 2 miles to the bank to cash my check, and then another mile to the gas station. This is what happens when your debit card information gets stolen at a restaurant and you have to wait to get a new card in the mail. Screw you, Ra Sushi. Life hasn’t been the friendliest this last week, and I’ll be the first to admit that when life gives me lemons, I just put them with vodka and sit on my ass and dwell about how life sucks. Total first world problem I know. Here’s a fun fact about Arizona, it’s fucking hot. And when you’re so broke you can’t afford to run the A.C., it makes it feel a lot like a third world country.


Anyway. I sold a print this week, and that is awesome.

What else did I want to discuss this morning? Oh yeah, Linkin Park totally made a dance song. Burn it Up is a dance song. And by the sounds of it, the other new songs are pretty electrical as well. I love dance music. I love techno beats. Linkin Park has its moments in my life. So this could work out between us. We could rekindle that little fire we had in high school, when you were screaming “SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU.” We’ll just take it day by day, LP.

This is the print that sold this week. Boy am I glad I decided to post it.

Instaprints, a fabulous new concept.

I found a fun new website for art print sales from the strangest of places. They followed me on Twitter, and for once, it’s a company that has something of interest to offer. Instaprints allows photographers to sell their Instagram photos through them, and they do all the work. They let you set your own profit margin, and offer endless customization of the print, framing, matting, etc. So far I really like what I have seen, and I uploaded all my decent photos to it. So if you are interested in your very own Wookie print, click here. Or go sign up and start uploading your own Instagram photos. And as always my work is available in all the various places listed in the “Find me elsewhere” tab.
So there you have it, I am selling myself by the truckload on the internet. Now go buy some art from some starving artists.


I hate to be one of THOSE people

But, I am going to have to spam my Twitter feed and promote the sale of my photography.

I have had the shittiest start to the weekend. I went and had delicious sushi last night. Then while walking down Mill Ave, a guy on a motorcycle was hit by a car. Thankfully, he was OK, the driver wasn’t going very fast. Still scary. I was awoken to messages from my bank about fraudulent charges being attempted on my card. Thankfully, they were all denied. And today I discover that I will only be working 25 hours next week. Had this information been given to me sooner, I would have been able to get more shifts at my other shitty job. I need a beer. Except my debit card is now inactive! And I don’t have any money!

Which brings me to the idea that if the adoring and lovable public would purchase some art, I could have money. For like food and stuff. Maybe a beer.

So, without anymore beating around the bush, buy some stuff. If you use the code Weekendhero on my Etsy, you will receive free domestic shipping. Hey that’s kind of cool, right?

My other two places of business, Society 6 and, have also got some new things posted to them.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s weekend is great and you don’t witness any accidents, have your shit stolen, or have your income reduced. Cheers!

New Toys

Hello everyone!
This will be short and sweet because I am on my phone and it’s just weird to post from here. I just wanted to share something I’m really excited about. I finally got Filterstorm! I’ve been ogling it since Brooklyntheory, one of my fave Instagrammers said he uses it during a We Are Juxt interview. It costs $3.99 though! I’m cheap! I like free or $1. But it went on sale last weekend for 1/2 off!! I almost shat my pants when I saw that. •immediately downloaded• This is what my portfolio was lacking! I want more control over my editing, rather than just applying filters. This is the app for that. I can’t believe I waited so long (but waiting = saving $2). The only drawback was “holy hell this is more complicated and I have no idea how to work this.” But Filterstorm has some handy dandy tutorials on You Tube, and after watching a few, I got the hang of it. So without further adieu, I present my Floating Fortress [my first successful edit with this app]. So addicted now. I love when I learn a new technique or get a new app or some new equipment and it revitalizes my creativity.