Sugar Art & Fashion Show: Phoenix

Tonight, March 23rd, 2013, Mad Girl Productions will be presenting the Phoenix version of their Sugar Art and Fashion Show tour. It will be held at the Duce in Downtown Phoenix from, well, RIGHT NOW to Midnight.

I personally get the honor of hanging 3 pieces in the show, which I am very excited for. It will be the first time my junk is hanging in Phoenix that wasn’t for a fundraiser silent auction or in a display case at ASU.

I have finally updated my shop with what I believe to be the best of my older work and one new piece that is hanging in the show. I would like to continue to update it with my newer stuff, that which you might find on Instagram or Flickr under bethanie_m.

With my excitement behind attempting to reactivate myself creatively, I have decided to do a coupon code for this weekend in honor of the Sugar Art Show. The code will be sugarart and it will give you 20% off at checkout.

I am excited to be able to share my artistic point of view outside the digital world and I hope to meet some cool people in the mix. Not only that, but I have 1 iPhoneography print being displayed. I hope to represent the new form of art so more people can explore it and we can all benefit from the community.


Shameless Self Promotion

Here’s another link to my Etsy shop. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. I just added a few pictures yesterday.

The Roxie Theatre, Downtown LA

I really dig this photo, the historical buildings are the most intriguing. I find myself wondering what it was like when it was new, who were the people that went there, what did they do in their lives? If you are interested in purchasing a print, I can make one in any size, just email or send a message on the Etsy site.


I named him Herb. He's quite handsome.

This is a seal I met at SeaWorld. I think he would look fabulous in a child’s room. Photos need homes. =)

Well that concludes my shameless self promotion. I just hope for some gas money out of this. $4.09 a gallon is a colossal chunk of money when you have no income.