It Rhymes with…


Midterms!!! One marketing test tonight. Maybe I should start studying. One non-profits test tomorrow. Also, maybe I should start studying.

Also on the menu for this week:

1. Putting up art in Hackspace.

2. Helping my mom move to her new and fabulous Tempe condo. No more driving to Mesa to see her, hooray!

3. Operating plan and business overview for Statik Cafe/Lounge/Music Venue due Tuesday. Thank god that is all done and printed.

4. First Friday. Thankfully I have finally been able to arrange appropriately with work so I can enjoy it. Too bad they didn’t honor my vacation day request for Saturday so I could go to the Renaissance Festival. Better luck next week I suppose.

The weather is fabulous, so I rode around town with the sun roof open and windows down. This led to a bee trying to hitch a ride with me. Not cool. If I hadn’t been so concentrated on him not stinging me, I would have snapped a photo for you. Sorry.

Ah, the life of a college student. All I’ve had time for is 2 cups of coffee and a vegan chocolate chip cookie (Alternative Baking Company, yummy!). I’ve spent $7 just on parking today. Printing cost $3.50 today. And the rent is due… Bah! Is is spring break yet??

And the word that rhymes with “DUCK” is, you guessed it… F**K.


Los Angeles here I come!

My home away from home has always been Los Angeles. I try to make it out there at least twice a year. I love the beach, I love the culture, I love the hippies, I love the ridiculously over inflated real estate market, I love the hoards of “fake Hollywood” types running around, and I love the smog. Okay, I kid about the smog, also not a fan of the traffic, but you can’t have it all. Every time I go out to LA I am re-inspired to follow my dreams and make it out in LA. It’s not just about the beach and Hollywood tourist culture to me. It’s the lifestyle, it’s the energy, it’s the mentality that this is where dreams come true. Even if everyone’s dreams don’t come true, it’s still a fantastically beautiful place. I can’t possibly not try to make it happen. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I never tried.

So the lowdown is that I got accepted to intern at X Repertory Theatre this summer. This is THE most exciting thing to happen to me in my lifetime. After doing college in the most backwards way and working full time instead of studying full time, things are finally getting to the point where it looks like I can see the end. I will get to spend all summer in Los Angeles, soaking up the sun, learning about theatre and start up arts organizations, hanging out with friends that already moved out there to make their dreams come true, and exploring all that LA has to offer me. I feel like I truly accomplished something. Or at least I will once the experience of a lifetime is over.

So for Spring Break I have decided I will have to road trip it to LA to visit my friends, lay on the beach, check out housing options, and focus entirely on my future, my art, and my dreams. I will, for once, just let the road take me where it may. I cannot wait.

Taken by Sarah Robinson, edited by me.

In 5 years…

5 goals for this year:

1. Do an internship in Los Angeles with X Repertory Theatre.

2. Figure out my Capstone Thesis project.

3. Graduate from ASU with my bachelor in the arts degree in Arts Administration in May 2012.

4. Bring up my GPA.

5. Learn about more mediums to use on my art.

5 years from now:

1. Graduated, obtained a job with an arts organization or tv/film production company.

2. Be actively curating art shows in galleries, or in whatever venues I can possibly put art in.

3. Have the business plan for my art venue gallery written and in place.

4. Live in Los Angeles or New York City.

5. Gone to Europe at least once.

More than anything in the world I want to create something for people to enjoy. I want my art gallery to feature work that affects people, makes them smile, cry, think, feel. I want to be able to create experiences for people to enjoy using art and music. A party that is more than just a gathering; I want to create a world of creativity and innovation for people to exist in. I want art to become more than something you look at. I want it to be like stepping into another world.

Good things are happening

Today I have a phone interview with X Repertory Theatre for a summer internship, I’m dying of excitement, you have no idea. If I get this internship I will get to be in Los Angeles this summer, I like to call it my second home. Wish me luck!

Next I am doing some costuming for a friend’s short film. Fun time! More on that when it comes.

I am also working on gathering art works for display at Hackspace at ASU’s Skysong. Hackspace is a special area that entrepreneurs can come together, hang out, brainstorm, and work on their businesses and projects. The massive blank white walls are in need of some color and I am super excited to get to help them out by finding art for all the entrepreneurs to look at and stimulate their thinking processes.

Coming up March 31st-April 7th is Phoenix Film Festival and I get to work on the events team!! This means setting up for the parties and silent auction among other things at the festival. I am so excited to be a part of it. Not only do I love film, but I love events and parties and plan to make a business that revolves around the nightlife some day.

This is going to be an exhausting but rewarding semester.

Accidental peace sign on a truck. Good omens.


A brief look at the word Contrive


1. Create or bring about (an object or a situation) by deliberate use of skill and artifice.

2. Manage to do something foolish or create an undesirable situation. 


To Contrive My Life Today

Can I contrive the bitterness out of the world today?

Will it be possible to contrive light into my world today?

To bring myself happiness and to those around me.

I’ve contrived these goals and put the effort forth to make them happen.

Life is the result of what we contrive.

An adventure in Art.

Last night I finally escaped the grind of working till midnight nearly every single Friday, mind you had to specially plan for this weeks in advance.

I started my adventure at ASU Art Museum, viewing the project “It’s not just black and white” by Gregory Sale. This is a social studies project about prisons and jails in Arizona, with actual sheriff’s inmates painting an entire wall of black and white stripes. On the opposite wall was a blank space for people to write, draw, and scribble their reflections and thoughts on it. There was also a phone to record spoken words. With fliers printed with actual facts and statistics about the history of prisons and the growing incarcerated population of Arizona, it really left me with more than just the idea of how we punish people. I have already been a firm believer that in Arizona we lock people up for things that really shouldn’t warrant actual imprisonment. This project gave more underlying focus on the fact that our system isn’t working the rehabilitation factor.

My next stop was Third Friday in Phoenix. After zooming from Tempe to Downtown in order to catch the openings before half of them closed at 9p and doing the most awkward parallel parking job, I reached my first destination of the “Scooter Gods” at Pravus Gallery. The show is by Mulder142 and features various gods, such as Jesus, Lucifer, and Buddha, all riding scooters. The acrylic on panel paintings are full of bold colors using bright outlines. The style is very illustrative but incredibly detailed, with a cartoonish feel, but depth that draws you in. Seeing Jesus in jeans and a red hoodie and flip flops kneeling next to his scooter in “Jesus-A Prayer in the Garden” is an amusing image to come across. Jesus being such an identifiable icon makes the piece all the more enlightening and uplifting. His take on Lucifer in “Lucifer-Bringer of Light” features little “666” sequences all throughout in varied typographies keeps the viewer looking all around the image for little surprises. Overall I enjoyed the pop art feel of it, the juxtaposition of gods riding scooters, and the bright use of colors. Check out more of Mulder142 and his Scooter Gods.

I also checked out “GodZenMonsters!” by Mike Maas at Perihelion Arts. His work is bold, pop art, with 3-D elements. I LOVE the bold outlines; I’m all about cartoon-ish pictures. His “Mod Mutra” acrylic and screenprint on board even featured a common theme of the night, a scooter in the background. I love scooters.

Finally, my night ended with excellent live music from local act Manual Sex Drive. This show took place at a hockey dive bar on 38th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix called the Icehouse Tavern. The bar overlooks an ice hockey rink. So on one side there was a live a hockey game to watch and the other there was live music, who could ask for more? Manual Sex Drive is self described as gothic, post-punk rock and fits the tag very well. I saw them once before at the Mardi Gras in Scottsdale. In the Icehouse Tavern there is no stage, so i found myself right up against the band. I couldn’t resist just dancing along with the tunes this time; the song “McJesus” is one of my new favorites. Front man Monty’s antics on stage keep the show entertaining. With Dark Mark on bass, Nils on drums, Nick on guitar, Annabel on keyboard (Bone player was missing this performance), Manual Sex Drive stands to gain momentum in our under appreciated local music scene.

Unfortunately my Blackberry doesn’t take very good pictures at night. So these are kind of blurry. Sorry. I’ll remember my real camera next time.

Puppies are love incarnate

This weekend my roomie decided she wanted a dog. Well actually she decided this prior, but this last weekend she actually went to check out a dog she saw on Craigslist. If you’ve ever gone to “look” at or “check out” a dog that was up for adoption or sale, you already know that as soon as you lay eyes on the furry little friend it’s done. He has stolen your heart and made your stomach jump into your chest with joy. The overwhelming cuteness makes you want to cry. Why? I have no idea but that’s just how looking at puppies makes me feel.

So we have this giant Husky-Australian Shepard mix now cohabiting with my pint sized Schnauzer-Terrier-ish-mutt mixture. She may be small but she has an attitude like a German Shepard or a Dalmatian. Upon meeting her new friend and roommate, she was all over him like white on rice. She jumps on every dog she meets, bigger than her or smaller. It was soon we found that the pair of them would also be a mischievous pair. Chompers, my puppy, has always been up to no good as soon as no one is looking, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings in her short 7 months. We decided to let them roam free around the apartment to see how they would do being together. At first they were pretty well behaved, but alas it can never last too long. Tonight my roommate came home to find about 7 boxes of Rice-a-Roni torn to shreds and the contents strewn all throughout the living room, in the couch, you get the picture. I wish she had taken a picture of the disaster because, well, despite the nuisance of cleaning it up, it’s pretty funny. You can never even stay mad at them for very long afterward either.

How could you resist these mugs?

This new addition make for 2 dogs, 5 ferrets, and the two of us of course. Quite a full house. But it’s love.

Because I love her oh so much