I’m just going to say it

Here’s how I feel about guns: they are stupid. The idea that man has to run around with a piece of equipment aimed at destruction of life just seems barbaric and unnecessary to me. I’m probably going to catch a lot of flack for this, but since once again a disturbed individual has opened fire on the innocent, I’m just going to put it out there. Also it should be stated that I’m not some idealistic and naive believer in man’s ability to be good without the structure of laws and defense.

I understand the point the NRA and other gun lovers want to make: that bad things would be less likely to happen if more people ran around with guns. But do we really want to be a society that has to go to the f**king movie theatre strapped? It seems to me that if everyone was strapped, it would be placing us more in a state of danger than not. Mankind, as a whole, is not a smart species. Individuals can be smart, not people.

There are certain individuals that turn to violence in lieu of rationality a little too quickly. Those people, when armed with weapons, pose a threat. Those people shouldn’t have guns.

Without proper training and knowledge, the possession of a firearm can have psychological affects on an individual. A new sense of entitlement, desire to fire the damn thing, and ego are all things I see in people who own guns.

But mostly what I see in people I know that own guns are a bunch of wimpy ass boys who are so excited by the idea of destruction that having a gun fills that little void inside. It makes them feel manly, and has little to do with the idea of protection. I can’t help but state that property isn’t worth someone’s life.

I sometimes find myself pondering the ownership of a handgun to keep at home in the event of a break in. Protecting myself as a woman (as in my body, not my property) is of importance, more so than men protecting their flat screen TV’s. In these instances I remember the culture of fear the media has instilled upon us. And I question whether or not I would want to live with the reality of taking another person’s life. In the event of “me or them” of course I would choose myself. It’s just a slippery slope once that line is crossed.

And, yes, I have shot a gun before. A real one. It was fun, but not enough for me to run out and buy one because I’m so afraid of imaginary circumstances that have less chance of happening than me dying in a car accident. Fear of mortality is man’s downfall.