Sugar Art & Fashion Show: Phoenix

Tonight, March 23rd, 2013, Mad Girl Productions will be presenting the Phoenix version of their Sugar Art and Fashion Show tour. It will be held at the Duce in Downtown Phoenix from, well, RIGHT NOW to Midnight.

I personally get the honor of hanging 3 pieces in the show, which I am very excited for. It will be the first time my junk is hanging in Phoenix that wasn’t for a fundraiser silent auction or in a display case at ASU.

I have finally updated my shop with what I believe to be the best of my older work and one new piece that is hanging in the show. I would like to continue to update it with my newer stuff, that which you might find on Instagram or Flickr under bethanie_m.

With my excitement behind attempting to reactivate myself creatively, I have decided to do a coupon code for this weekend in honor of the Sugar Art Show. The code will be sugarart and it will give you 20% off at checkout.

I am excited to be able to share my artistic point of view outside the digital world and I hope to meet some cool people in the mix. Not only that, but I have 1 iPhoneography print being displayed. I hope to represent the new form of art so more people can explore it and we can all benefit from the community.


April Art Review

During the month of April I attended 2 art shows. One was Sticker Phiends IV at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. This show was showcasing the adhesive arts of many profound street artists and graffiti writers such as Obey, Mad One, and a long list of others. This was the first show if its kind that I have attended. I had never taken the concept of graffiti or street art very seriously until recently. I have a new found appreciation for the effort that goes into the craft. The actual show itself was, well, crowded and louder than I would have usually enjoyed. A small coffee shop packed with kids distributing their personal stickers and flyers, a DJ spinning all night long; a quick walk around to view what was on the walls and I was on my way. Huge crowds are not my forte since I have aged past the point of legal drinking. I still enjoyed the show very much, as I am always down to enjoy art and discover new artists and mediums.

The second was the grand opening of the Angelica Gallery in Phoenix. This is a beautiful gallery placed in an older home, complete with low awnings that I almost had to duck under in my heals (ha!). Angelica Gallery was formerly a traveling gallery that has now found its permanent home. The opening featured live music and fire dancing/breathing as well the main selling point, the display and sale of original Salvador Dali’s. If only I had $15k to throw down. The first painting I viewed was canvas called “2 of Hearts” by an artist named Priscilla. This painting featured dark colors and two lovers nose to nose with the female in a red dress. I was drawn to this painting because of the colors, the texture, and the overall theme: love. It shows a more sensual side by using the dark colors that I found very intriguing. The second and third painting I reviewed were by Sharon Weiser. Her still life oil on canvas called “Cucumber Stack #2” was basically tasty looking. The painting is incredibly detailed with olives garnishing the side. I’m usually not much for still lifes, but when they feature food there is something about them that I love, maybe because they make me hungry. The second one was called “Beauty in a Glass” and featured sea shells and other ocean gems floating in space, or water, with life like detail that glistened. This piece was absolutely beautiful. I have a love for the ocean and nautical themes so I was naturally drawn to this piece. The attention to detail was also very eye-catching, besides the subject matter.

Angelica Gallery

Phoenix Film Festival

The Phoenix Film Festival took place this past weekend at the Harkins 101 on. Mayo Blvd and Scottsdale Road. Because of my film festivals class, I was able to be in intern/volunteer for the event. I got to be on the events team which made it possible for me to see Cuba Gooding Jr. and Grant Hill. Why is it so exciting to see famous people? They are just people but for some reason, just seeing them makes us feel all giddy. I felt giddy when I saw Cuba drinking the wine I poured for him, even though it was his assistant that actually got it from me. Seeing all the film makers, even if I didn’t know who they were, was definitely an experience I enjoyed. The people watching opportunities were immense! So many egos, so many drunk people, so many people who wanted you to think they were “somebody.” The VIP section was the best, all the people who weren’t supposed to be in there but kept trying. Of course the learning aspect of it was great too. I volunteered for events because that’s something I would like to get into eventually. It’s funny all the work that goes into it that you couldn’t imagine if you weren’t there. Ice for one thing, attempting to stick to a certain amount of ice allotted for a 4 day period, in a desert, that was a challenge. The free food leftover from catering on the opening night gala was another bonus. Yummy shrimp on white chocolate mashed potatoes and banana cream pie in little shot glasses were so tasty, and after a long night of bar-backing and people watching it was so very needed. Despite working every night there, I still got to see a couple good movies and one bad one. “The Dead Inside,” directed by Travis Betz, is a comedic-horror-musical with two of the most relate-able characters. I loved it and it even won Breakthrough Filmmaker Award. 

An adventure in Art.

Last night I finally escaped the grind of working till midnight nearly every single Friday, mind you had to specially plan for this weeks in advance.

I started my adventure at ASU Art Museum, viewing the project “It’s not just black and white” by Gregory Sale. This is a social studies project about prisons and jails in Arizona, with actual sheriff’s inmates painting an entire wall of black and white stripes. On the opposite wall was a blank space for people to write, draw, and scribble their reflections and thoughts on it. There was also a phone to record spoken words. With fliers printed with actual facts and statistics about the history of prisons and the growing incarcerated population of Arizona, it really left me with more than just the idea of how we punish people. I have already been a firm believer that in Arizona we lock people up for things that really shouldn’t warrant actual imprisonment. This project gave more underlying focus on the fact that our system isn’t working the rehabilitation factor.

My next stop was Third Friday in Phoenix. After zooming from Tempe to Downtown in order to catch the openings before half of them closed at 9p and doing the most awkward parallel parking job, I reached my first destination of the “Scooter Gods” at Pravus Gallery. The show is by Mulder142 and features various gods, such as Jesus, Lucifer, and Buddha, all riding scooters. The acrylic on panel paintings are full of bold colors using bright outlines. The style is very illustrative but incredibly detailed, with a cartoonish feel, but depth that draws you in. Seeing Jesus in jeans and a red hoodie and flip flops kneeling next to his scooter in “Jesus-A Prayer in the Garden” is an amusing image to come across. Jesus being such an identifiable icon makes the piece all the more enlightening and uplifting. His take on Lucifer in “Lucifer-Bringer of Light” features little “666” sequences all throughout in varied typographies keeps the viewer looking all around the image for little surprises. Overall I enjoyed the pop art feel of it, the juxtaposition of gods riding scooters, and the bright use of colors. Check out more of Mulder142 and his Scooter Gods.

I also checked out “GodZenMonsters!” by Mike Maas at Perihelion Arts. His work is bold, pop art, with 3-D elements. I LOVE the bold outlines; I’m all about cartoon-ish pictures. His “Mod Mutra” acrylic and screenprint on board even featured a common theme of the night, a scooter in the background. I love scooters.

Finally, my night ended with excellent live music from local act Manual Sex Drive. This show took place at a hockey dive bar on 38th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix called the Icehouse Tavern. The bar overlooks an ice hockey rink. So on one side there was a live a hockey game to watch and the other there was live music, who could ask for more? Manual Sex Drive is self described as gothic, post-punk rock and fits the tag very well. I saw them once before at the Mardi Gras in Scottsdale. In the Icehouse Tavern there is no stage, so i found myself right up against the band. I couldn’t resist just dancing along with the tunes this time; the song “McJesus” is one of my new favorites. Front man Monty’s antics on stage keep the show entertaining. With Dark Mark on bass, Nils on drums, Nick on guitar, Annabel on keyboard (Bone player was missing this performance), Manual Sex Drive stands to gain momentum in our under appreciated local music scene.

Unfortunately my Blackberry doesn’t take very good pictures at night. So these are kind of blurry. Sorry. I’ll remember my real camera next time.

A city of reinvention

Every Thursday I have a break between classes at downtown campus of ASU. During this time I would usually do homework or take a nap. Today I decided that with these magical 4 hours of free time that are so hard to come by I would just walk around Phoenix and explore. I had a taco at Vitamin T, quite delicious.

As I walked around I looked for all the familiar places from when I was a kid tagging along behind my dad at all of the numerous cultural (i.e. FREE) events he took us to. I remember the Irish Festival held at Patriot Square Park (now torn down to make room for something unnecessary, good going Phoenix.) I recall sports games held at what was once called America West Arena, now referred to as U.S. Airways Center. I noticed how many things have actually changed in downtown Phoenix, and not just the names of things. The implementation of the Light Rail System has altered the roadways and the way people access downtown.

I snapped pictures all throughout my trip. My favorites are shown below:

Walking through the state’s capital, I feel the city has done a fair share to attempt to reinvent itself into a place that people legitimately want to be. Over the last two years since being a student at ASU, I have been on my own quest for reinvention. I have been transitioning from having a job that I hate being my main focus, to doing everything I can to get the career I have always desired. Phoenix and myself have gone through a lot of steps, and there is more to come.