Social Media Fork

Ah social media. It is the very fiber of our being nowadays. Even the people who claim to be against it are using some form of it; posting things from the internet to Tumblr pages, Pinning recipes to Pinterest. It’s all connected, everyone just has there preferred methods. I am not up on all of the latest trends in tech and media, but I’m not so in the dark that I pretend “it’s just not my thing.” Last summer, while I was in LA, I rediscovered Twitter as a far more interesting social media platform than Facebook. I had found a place to put all of those comical thoughts that come to me when no one is around. Almost like a friend that may or may not be paying close attention to what you’re drunkenly babbling about. Then I let my Tweeting fade away into nothing but the occasional Instagram shot, for my comedic voice seemed to have been lost to the perils of not giving a fuck. About anything. It was a terrible time of absolute boredom to which I am making a slow comeback.

So now I find myself at a fork in my social media road. I have one Twitter, to which I post new listings on occasion for my photography, and my sarcastic comedic thoughts. But should these two be separate? The social media of business would say that I should keep business and leisure separate. But that would require TWO accounts. I am a lazy individual and I do not want to be bothered with this nonsense of keeping up two different profiles. I feel like my personality should be a part of the experience. Maybe, kind of, a little bit. For the here and now, let’s just assume this can work: being offensive and selling things.

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