Instaprints, a fabulous new concept.

I found a fun new website for art print sales from the strangest of places. They followed me on Twitter, and for once, it’s a company that has something of interest to offer. Instaprints allows photographers to sell their Instagram photos through them, and they do all the work. They let you set your own profit margin, and offer endless customization of the print, framing, matting, etc. So far I really like what I have seen, and I uploaded all my decent photos to it. So if you are interested in your very own Wookie print, click here. Or go sign up and start uploading your own Instagram photos. And as always my work is available in all the various places listed in the “Find me elsewhere” tab.
So there you have it, I am selling myself by the truckload on the internet. Now go buy some art from some starving artists.