Wookie Cooking

I invented a new recipe today that I positively love. If you know me, or have seen my previous cooking posts, you know that cooking isn’t my thing. I prefer baking. I don’t know why, maybe because it involves mixing things (like chemistry!), popping it in the oven and back to sitting. I’m very slowly maturing my food choices from frozen and boxed to fresh and hearty. So in the event that I’m out my beloved microwave and go foods, I am forced to get creative.

•hamburger patty
•1 slice of rye bread, buttered on 1 side
•cream cheese
•sliced onions and green bell peppers
•shredded cheese
Put bread in pan, add cream cheese and hamburger patty (already cooked). Sauté peppers and onions while cream cheese melts on bread. Put everything on top and enjoy.

I don’t put measurements because I don’t use them. I wing it.