I just wanted to share this

Here’s a video made by Spaghetto, an Italian director/producer working in Hollywood. I like this video a lot, as well as her other videos I have watched. So here it is:


You’ll like her other videos. I can just tell.


Phoenix Film Festival

The Phoenix Film Festival took place this past weekend at the Harkins 101 on. Mayo Blvd and Scottsdale Road. Because of my film festivals class, I was able to be in intern/volunteer for the event. I got to be on the events team which made it possible for me to see Cuba Gooding Jr. and Grant Hill. Why is it so exciting to see famous people? They are just people but for some reason, just seeing them makes us feel all giddy. I felt giddy when I saw Cuba drinking the wine I poured for him, even though it was his assistant that actually got it from me. Seeing all the film makers, even if I didn’t know who they were, was definitely an experience I enjoyed. The people watching opportunities were immense! So many egos, so many drunk people, so many people who wanted you to think they were “somebody.” The VIP section was the best, all the people who weren’t supposed to be in there but kept trying. Of course the learning aspect of it was great too. I volunteered for events because that’s something I would like to get into eventually. It’s funny all the work that goes into it that you couldn’t imagine if you weren’t there. Ice for one thing, attempting to stick to a certain amount of ice allotted for a 4 day period, in a desert, that was a challenge. The free food leftover from catering on the opening night gala was another bonus. Yummy shrimp on white chocolate mashed potatoes and banana cream pie in little shot glasses were so tasty, and after a long night of bar-backing and people watching it was so very needed. Despite working every night there, I still got to see a couple good movies and one bad one. “The Dead Inside,” directed by Travis Betz, is a comedic-horror-musical with two of the most relate-able characters. I loved it and it even won Breakthrough Filmmaker Award.