World’s Most Ghetto Cheese Sauce

Well, not the world’s most ghetto, but kind of ghetto. We’ll call it “LA-AZ Ghetto College Cheese Sauce.” Oh my, that’s too long, I need to work on naming my recipes.

Anyway, faced with the dilemma of having perishable food that I don’t want to take back to AZ at the end of the week, I try to find a way to use my cheese, margarine, and milk. (I don’t drink milk, so it just goes for cooking.) And so I made a ghetto cheese sauce to put on my ramen.


1/2 stick (approx) on margarine

1/4 (a little less I think) cup of milk

1 teaspoon of pesto

2 slices of American cheese

1 handful of feta cheese crumbles

1 seasoning packet from chili ramen

Melt margarine in a saucepan over medium heat. Add milk and stir. Add pesto and let simmer for a few minutes. I added some left over salsa to give it a southwest feel (which I do to practically everything). When all margarine is melted and mixture is well stirred, put in slices of cheese, torn into 4th’s. Stir around until melted and then add feta cheese crumbles. Continue cooking until all cheese is melted and add seasoning packet. Poor over cooked ramen noodles when creamy and smooth. Add a few cheese crumbles on the top. Enjoy!

Ghetto Cheese Sauce Ramen!



Hello, Old Friend

I realize I have not been updating like I should be, and I am sorry for that. Things have been busy, but not always in the fun busy way, more like work a lot and then feel lazy and irritated the rest of the time.

Last week I got to serve drinks at one of the receptions for the gallery I intern at, which meant tips (Hipsters tip super well!) and getting to meet lots of cool people. Every time I meet people in LA, I am totally renewed that this is where I want to be, and forget that the high cost of everything is sucking me dry.

So this is my last week in Los Angeles. I will be sad to see it go, but I really do look forward to being back home and with my friends and family and in my normal life (no more dual state living). My poor car has taken a beating, put about 7,000 miles on it in the summer alone I think. I have learned a lot here and can’t wait to put it all into perspective at home.

I will go into more detail later about what I have learned, but for now I have no time to waste. There are a lot of things I haven’t done in Los Angeles yet!

Random things I spot near Runyon Canyon

View from Runyon Canyon

I hung all of these for the "I Found You" show.

Underneath the Santa Monica Pier