The 99% deserve a little better

In response to an article that asked why the “99%” feel they deserve more. The article, while being a downer, just made me think. .

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I get the thoughts of life as being a prison. The oppression. I understand there is no purpose to our existence, we are worthless flesh wandering the Earth in search of something “greater” (religion, love, enlightenment, success). I have struggled with similar concepts before. However, acknowledging that our lives are pointless and there is no meaning to life, I choose to attempt to make a better life for myself. I refuse to accept that I should be on the bottom of the food chain, scrounging for scraps, just getting by, simply because I was not born into a better life. So that is where the disenfranchised feel they are entitled. Because they want a better life and feel that it should be obtainable with hard work. The fact that there is a “1%” at the top making this conceptual dream more difficult, is what inspires people to act out. Sure, we’re all 100 times better off than people in third world countries, but that doesn’t mean we should accept our circumstance as the quality of life we deserve. No one is asking to eat bon bons and bathe in Evian, they just want to not choose between rent and food, their retirements and pensions to flourish the way they were intended, and to know that there will be social security when they get old. It’s not too much to ask from the country that says all man are created equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit to happiness.