Social Media Fork

Ah social media. It is the very fiber of our being nowadays. Even the people who claim to be against it are using some form of it; posting things from the internet to Tumblr pages, Pinning recipes to Pinterest. It’s all connected, everyone just has there preferred methods. I am not up on all of the latest trends in tech and media, but I’m not so in the dark that I pretend “it’s just not my thing.” Last summer, while I was in LA, I rediscovered Twitter as a far more interesting social media platform than Facebook. I had found a place to put all of those comical thoughts that come to me when no one is around. Almost like a friend that may or may not be paying close attention to what you’re drunkenly babbling about. Then I let my Tweeting fade away into nothing but the occasional Instagram shot, for my comedic voice seemed to have been lost to the perils of not giving a fuck. About anything. It was a terrible time of absolute boredom to which I am making a slow comeback.

So now I find myself at a fork in my social media road. I have one Twitter, to which I post new listings on occasion for my photography, and my sarcastic comedic thoughts. But should these two be separate? The social media of business would say that I should keep business and leisure separate. But that would require TWO accounts. I am a lazy individual and I do not want to be bothered with this nonsense of keeping up two different profiles. I feel like my personality should be a part of the experience. Maybe, kind of, a little bit. For the here and now, let’s just assume this can work: being offensive and selling things.

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Thought Appetizers

You know, I may have pulled off the biggest scam ever. Ok, it’s not a scam. But I have successfully taken almost 2 months off of work without being on vacation or being sick. I’m not getting paid, so it is coming at the cost of my financial security, but I am trying to be an optimist here. I mean who else can say they’ve done that, and been able to keep their job. It’s not a bad deal when you think about it.

So last night was my favorite every-other-Monday-free-comedy-show: Brunch Comedy at the Park Restaurant. Hosted by the cat adoring Jake Wesiman, the show always includes a few newcomers, a few seasoned professionals, some in between, but always a great show. Last night, the first performer burped onto the microphone, then proceeded to go on about how disgusting his burp was and how he felt bad for the next guy up there. Ok, maybe you had to be there to find that one funny, but I was in stitches. I forgot his name unfortunately. My other favorite of the night was Rob Gleeson. Adorable. There was also a guy wearing corduroys that played the guitar, with ironic glasses; an accidental hipster of sorts: Nick Thune. Also now in love with him. I always have mini celeb crushes on comedians; they make me laugh, what’s not to fall in love with? I highly encourage anyone in the Los Angeles area to go the next “other-Monday.”

And now I leave you with random thoughts of the day:

Ever type a word, screw it up, decide you don’t want to use it anymore and delete it instead of retyping it or spell checking it, then realize there’s no better word, and retype the word anyway? I do…

I think I had a few more, but I got distracted by Thought Catalog, as I usually am. Read that article. It is literally the story of my life. No one has ever put it into better words, and I applaud Caitlin Van Horn for doing it SO well. Seriously, I am now grinning on the inside because of how much joy that just gave me.

But that’s all for now. Have a hunky dory week!

Here today, gone tomorrow.

That’s how my inspiration has been lately. One minute I feel like conquering the world and trying new projects, the next, all I can think about is how things are not going as planned and I want to scream. Or crawl into the fetal position and declare defeat. Seeing as to how I share a room with 2 people, questions might be raised. And there’s nothing worse than having to explain the irrationality of your depression/anxiety/stress/insanity.

What I could be doing is telling you about my great birthday weekend and home visit. But essentially nothing extraordinary happened. Just friends, family, food, and I got a red Wii. Wheee!

I’ve been going to a free comedy show while I’ve been in LA, Brunch Comedy at the Park Restaurant in Echo Park. It’s my favorite part of every other Monday; I’ve seen some great acts. Like who I am now in love with: Rory Scovel and Kyle Kanine. They are hilarious. I’ve always been a fan of stand up, but live stand up is way better then Comedy Central. The swearing isn’t bleeped. All this comedy makes me really wish I could be a comedian. Sure I’m hilarious to myself, but the standing up in front of people is frightening. But like I said, inspiration is here today and gone tomorrow.

Well that’s enough of my random babble. Enjoy the comics up top, they give me quite the chuckle. Have a jolly week.