A Brief Thought on Helping

Ever hear that expression, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”? I think that when I pass by someone holding a sign on the freeway exits. They stand there with a handmade sign on a piece of cardboard, just trying to get by. There is always that notion that they are just looking for handouts, just lazy, or not really homeless. But really think about it, how desperate would you have to be to start spending your days standing in the heat with a sign asking strangers for help? If we could save the world we would, wouldn’t we? Well most of us anyway, I’d like to think. Not everyone is given a fair chance at life. Let’s not kid ourselves here; people are born with medical problems and health issues, mental disabilities, and psychological problems every day. Some are born into situations where there is no way out and some don’t have loving and supporting families to depend on when things go South. There are solutions out there for people, but there will always be the ones that slip through the cracks. As we all go about our daily lives, we have to put blinders up, to protect ourselves from the emotions that would be hitting us at an overwhelming pace. Once in awhile though, we should let the blinders down, and just observe, feel, embrace, and love our fellow man, maybe even try to help. Being human is what makes us human.