Hipster dance party

What a refreshing way to spend a Friday night. Instead of wielding my way through the crowds of some boring, played out, but oh so happening bar on Mill or in Scottsdale, I spent the night dancing my feet off at Bar Smith Downtown. Andy Rourke of the Smiths was Deejaying Smiths tracks and what I discovered was something I have been missing out on. One time in New York I got the pleasure of dancing to non-mainstream music, and I must say I enjoyed it so much more than the usual booty shaking celebrated in regular bars and clubs. At Bar Smith I was surrounded by hipsters and alternative/indie people all dancing their hearts out in their own personal response to the music. No judgement or certain style required, everyone had their own style as well as personal bubble (well almost everyone, one girl had a particularly strong like for my friend Erin).
I was home.