The Way of the Wookie

Upon reading the title of this blog, you might wonder why I would call myself “bethaniethewookie.” I’ve been told it sounds insulting that I would go by this nickname, but it has really become a term of endearment. My good friend Se7th (yes that is a silent 7 after the “e”), started referring to me as Wookie shortly after we met. I asked why he would refer to me as “Wookie” and he just said, “oh because you’re big and hairy and mean.” In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a wookiee is, here’s the “Wookieepedia” definition: The Wookiees, whose name for themselves translated to the People of the Trees, were a species of hairy bipedal humanoids that were inhabitants of the planet Kashyyyk. One of the most noteworthy members of the species was Chewbacca, Han Solo‘s best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War and afterwards. Here is what they look like

I am not hairy. I am tall and I can be mean though. So the name is partly right. At first I didn’t appreciate him calling me Wookie. He also introduced me as Wookie and had me programmed in his phone as Wookie. Eventually I just accepted that he was going to call me Wookie whether I liked it or not. And after awhile I full on embraced it. I love Star Wars, and Chewbacca the Wookie is one of the most important supporting characters. So now here we are, reading a blog called “bethaniethewookie.”

So now you know the who and the why, here’s the what. I love art and all things art related. Music, art, literature, film, everything. I have been obsessing over photography lately. The Selby is my favorite right now. He takes pictures of artists, designers, musicians, models homes and the like. It’s fascinating to see what their homes look like. Some of them have the most cluttered and random designed homes, some of them are so particular, so minimalist. One thing is for sure, they all have some of the coolest little “doo-dads” to display. So that’s the beginning to my story. Oh and here’s what I actually look like so you don’t think I’m really a giant-hairy-bipedal creature from the sci-fi universe.