Crunch Time is upon us.

This is it, the final semester of my undergrad years. And it’s already off to a rocky start. I’m still terrible with procrastination. Uggles. (yeah, I just invented that word, what of it?) Behind in the paperwork for my final project and I’ve discovered my last semester’s work has gone ungraded and isn’t counted. I’m not sure why, I still did work.

I sat down after getting back from my advisement meeting to eat some Greek yogurt and drink my Rockstar to get a move on some serious paperwork that needs to be turned in. I figured to put me in the mood to fight white collar crime of economic meltdown I would watch an economy documentary or Frontline episode on Netflix while I start writing. However, I found a street art documentary.

But onward ho. My project is going to be documented on another WordPress blog. Students for Solutions is my brain child I’ve created in the hope that I can engage the public in a dialogue about how this recession is affecting students. So I hope anyway. Thus far I haven’t received feedback. Am I the only one who is concerned?? I can’t be, not with what has been published on the matter. Here’s an article from last year: Huff Post. In this article it is reported that may graduates are moving back home faced with paying record amounts of debt. This is a frightening thought. At least I won’t be alone in the debt part. Moving back home isn’t an option for me, though. Not that I would even think about it. I moved back home once for a year while I was figuring out how to pay for University. I am not like most students though. I worked full time before deciding to get back into school full time. I worked 32 hours on average per week while taking 12 credit hours per semester. I will still have a massive debt load, however. But I am still able to support myself so I won’t be moving back home.

Anyway kids, think about this and what it all means. Read the articles about what our future is going to be like. I want a better future as I’m sure the rest of you do. I don’t want to work a brainless job for $12 an hour forever. I think big emergencies force us to get more creative and innovative with the solutions. So let’s start figuring out how to overcome this. Here’s my other blog: Read it, comment, feedback, tell me you hate it; either way, let’s start the conversation.


A new love has been forged.

Remember when I said I was waiting to get an iPhone 4S? Well I did in fact get it. And damn, this is the most amazing phone ever. Obviously beets the crap out of Blackberry, which if they focused more on making a good phone than half-assed copying other technologies, they might be in better shape. I’ve never used the Droid or Android phones, so I can’t say much about them. But I will say the bulk doesn’t appeal to me. I love Apple products, and that’s just me.

But on to the purpose here. The iPhone has an 8MP camera included, which is amazing for a phone. I only shoot with a 10MP Canon Powershot the rest of the time, so you can imagine that the convenience of the iPhone is comparable to a point and shoot camera. The most amazing part of it is the Apps! Oh the Apps, that turn ordinary pictures into amazing detailed and edited shots. I’m completely addicted to Instagram, because what is more amazing than just the sharing of mobile pictures. A quick look into other parts of the world, other people’s lives, the magic of what the Earth and it’s mostly good inhabitants have to offer. I’ve been into just uploading pictures with quick captions as statuses for quite some time now; I prefer the visual capturing of moments rather than just typing a few sentences to describe how my day is or how I feel. Peg me as an artsy fartsy kid, it’s ok. So with this new addiction to Instagram, I am introduced to whole new world of photography: street photography, but with a twist. iPhoneography as some #hashtags call it. Photos taken with a phone, edited with a phone, and uploaded with a phone. It’s amazing. For as long as I have been able to take camera phone shots, I have secretly considered the practice to be an art in and of itself. What is more artistic than our daily lives recorded, ready to share with the world? Now I am not alone in this belief.

So here I share an interview between two great Instagram(ers)/iPhoneographers. Marco (@magicmarco on IG) interviews @brooklyntheory.

Check it out here.

My favorite part?

M: If you were elected the Amabassador of mobile photography, what would you want the rest of the world to know? Remember, you’re speaking for us. What would you want the people who are not mobile photographers to know?

B: It’s legit. Even if the images come from amateur photographers using mobile phones doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say. It’s an art. It’s legitimate as any other art form and they have something to say so they’re saying it. It doesn’t matter what the medium is. It’s art.

Couldn’t have said it better. Also loved reading about more Apps that I need to try out, like Filterstorm.

Well I have tons to do, school technically started this week and I need to get back into the game. After my last final, I completely checked out academically and was stuck in the real world of working my ass off to afford Christmas (I really wanted to cancel it) and pay the bills. So now I must get out of work/slave/drone mode and back into student about to graduate and make the world a better place through art mode. I’ll just leave you with a few of my favorite iPhone shots I’ve taken lately.

Made cream of chicken and zucchini soup. And did this fabulous edit on my iphone.

Fall trees in Tempe. Edited with iPhone.

My little punkin

Just me

Hello 2012

It’s almost been a year since I started this blog, and while I have been lazy about it and not been updating lately, I hope this year will be my year. It is so cheesy to say that. I want to make this year the year I get my shit together. We’ll see.

So far this year I spent new years say in bed with a hangover. My new years eve was a crazy night that started with a bottle of bubbly and then an open Ciroc bar. Needless to say that combo doesn’t end well.

And here I am, day 2 of 2012, waiting in one of those quick loan places because we’re short on the rent. Good job, Wookie. I’m definitely tired of being broke all the time. Tired of the sinking feeling I get when I think about the bills I ignored this week so that I could still have gas to get to and from work. The calls from the credit card companies after I don’t pay. The fees. I hate admitting to flaws, but perhaps it’s time I come clean to myself. I’m terrible with money. I used to be so diligent, so careful. Along the way I fell into this consumer driven trap. And I hate it.

This year though. I can’t fail. I can’t keep living like this.