LA has sucked me dry. I have no more money left. (With 2 flat tires in a month, 2 parking tickets, and the cost of a 60 mile daily commute, I’d say this has been some shitty luck.) I caved and applied for more student loans. Further perpetuating the American dream and culture of spending money we don’t have, but I’m not one to let lower middle class-ness get in the way of my education. I would love nothing better right now then to have an income, or at least make pocket change selling prints on Etsy. But alas.

So this week I have had Ramen noodles, rice, easy mac, microwave popcorn, and Chef Boyardee. Oh and egg in the hole. This may seem like the typical lazy junk diet (and it kind of is) but I am broke, and these are the cheapest foods possible. Even bananas cost more here ($0.25 a piece, What?!) It’s kind of funny when I think about where I should be at nearly 25. I probably never thought I would be eating ramen out of necessity and not pleasure HA! Also didn’t expect to be in college still, but everyone has a different way of doing things. So without the beloved spice collection back home in Tempe, I have to be rather creative about flavoring things so I’m not eating the same thing every day. So I present to you the vital 3 seasonings: ranch (good ranch, like Hidden Valley), garlic powder or garlic salt, and hot sauce (any will do). And butter is good too.

Baked potato: butter, ranch, garlic powder, and hot sauce. Yum!

Ramen: Garlic powder, included seasoning packet, hot sauce, frozen veggies.

Egg in the hole: Garlic powder sprinkling, ranch, hot sauce.

Chef Boyardee mini ravioli: Garlic powder, hot sauce.

See? These are just a few ideas. Who says cheap food has to taste cheap? Oh, that’s right, normal people. And those with money… and cooking skills. What I lack in skills I make up for in creativity.

While I wrote this I watched a seriously emotional episode of Without a Trace. So time to move on to something that brings me joy: new cameras that I can’t have! I have discovered lomography, analogue film cameras. While it was something I had wanted to go back and try again, I have now discovered a camera that takes such beautiful images with random uncontrollable effects that I have been creating with photoshop and other editing software. The whole reason I left film was that I had a whole roll of film come back from Wal-Mart with only like 5 photos coming out, and they couldn’t tell me what happened to the rest. So i decided I wanted digital, so I could be in charge of the images. And it pretty much became the only way to shoot, 21st century and all. The digital age has it drawbacks though. My newly inspired photography hobby has spawned me looking at other types of cameras, and this is one I LOVE.

I wantz.

Someone buy me?;)

I think that’s all for now. Tomorrow I drive back to AZ for my birthday weekend, my dreaded return to work (assuming I still have a job), and general business to take care of. I can’t wait to see my boy and my baby (Otherwise known as boyfriend and puppy), hang out with friends and see family. And have a place to park. The 117 degree heat? Not really happy about that part. Here’s to still not being ready to go after I said I was going to get ready and go to bed early.


In true Wookie fashion, here's a pic to leave you with. Walking to Venice Beach.


LAB ART Live Painting in LA

So I definitely got behind in posting this entry up since the show was on Thursday.

On Thursday I went to a live painting session at street and graffiti art gallery LAB ART in Los Angeles. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was phenomenal. My growing love of all things graffiti and street art was further fueled by such an excellent gallery. The large space was covered floor to ceiling, wall to wall in works by artists such as Chad Muska, Louie XXX, Felix, Army of One, Stu Rad, Sean D’Anconia, and Snyder. The live painting session by Thank You X, Cyrcle, and Mar! was the best part. I have not ever been able to experience the live paintings of street artists except what I have seen in the films “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and “Bomb It.” Watching these artists work was so inspirational, I felt more connected to the art then just glimpsing at it on the internet, street corners, and gallery hung canvases. I took several of my own snapshots in the gallery, some of the art, some of the fascinating people I was privy to watching throughout the night.

The scene is something I can hardly describe; an eclectic mix of hipsters, fashionistas, old money artsy types, and beautiful people who are there to be seen. Me? I’m an outsider looking in for the time being, scratching at the surface of the Los Angeles art scene wondering how to get in, but nonetheless, enjoying the view from the wrong side of the tracks.

Mural on the way into LAB ART, La Brea

I don't remember the artist, but I dig the straw thing. It amuses me.

Live Painting

Various pieces in the front section

This is really only a few, I’m going to upload the rest to my Flickr.

Also there’s this fun video, from Desire.Obtain.Cherish. who also had pieces in the LAB ART showing.



Today I’ve come to a few conclusions.
The first: Moving the location of a theatre after $40k of renovations have been done to a warehouse to make it look like a theatre is not good. But as soon as I lose all faith, the Creative Director has one of those speeches about how it’s going to work out in the end, and if we slow down and fine tune the process it can triumph in the end. ivy league-ers are funny like that, such a way with words.
The second: I need more. I need more from life. I need more art, more creative expression, more inspiration, I just need more.

I’m Famous!

Ok not so much, but I do appear in photos for Known Gallery’s opening night for Assorted Flavor. That is exciting for me! Check it out Here. I’m in the blue Abercrombie Hoodie. Stylin’, I know, but I left most jackets in AZ, under the misconception I wouldn’t need them since it’s June. My bad. So a hoodie with everything it is.

Shameless Self Promotion

Here’s another link to my Etsy shop. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. I just added a few pictures yesterday.

The Roxie Theatre, Downtown LA

I really dig this photo, the historical buildings are the most intriguing. I find myself wondering what it was like when it was new, who were the people that went there, what did they do in their lives? If you are interested in purchasing a print, I can make one in any size, just email or send a message on the Etsy site.


I named him Herb. He's quite handsome.

This is a seal I met at SeaWorld. I think he would look fabulous in a child’s room. Photos need homes. =)

Well that concludes my shameless self promotion. I just hope for some gas money out of this. $4.09 a gallon is a colossal chunk of money when you have no income.

Getting Acquainted with Los Angeles Art Scene

First stop:

Gallery 825- Out There Exhibition: June 10th-17th, 2011. Juried by Francisco George and William Escalera. The show was celebrating the LGBT Experience during the West Hollywood Pride Month festivities.

This show was very diversified, sculpture, photography, paintings. The only downside, I was surrounded by yuppies I couldn’t possibly relate to! Maybe next time I’ll feel less like a sore thumb.

Most notable piece for me:

Cosmic, by Barbara Kolo

Next up: 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica. They had an art night extravaganza, featuring crochet bombing (something that involves crochet things everywhere!), performance art, and a few social comment projects like the gentrification of neighborhoods. That’s something I need to google, because I don’t fully understand what it’s all about. We contributed to some of the project by writing on the door.

Guess which tag is mine

After this it was off to Known Gallery for the opening of “Assorted Flavor.” A little more my scene, this one was. Featuring Augustine Kofie:

Triangle assemblages No. 15

And an installation piece by Kevin Ancell: “It’s Ok.” It’s a giant bomb with corporate logos all over it. I wish I had taken a better picture of it, one of the whole thing, because it was really good.

Me with the Kevin Ancell "It's Ok" Bomb installation

Also at the Assorted Flavor show:

After the art it was off to the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs for some grub. There is a line outside wrapping around the building because it is so popular. And oh holy swiss cheese, Batman, it was AMAZING. I had the Ozzy Dog, with is a spicy polish dog (it’s actually spicy, not a wimpy version) with guac, onions, and nacho cheese! I love hot dogs, and this was the best I’ve ever had I dare say.

Pink's, need I say more?

The Ozzy Dog, omg is all I could say.

Well that concludes the first Los Angeles art adventure of the summer. I hope there are many, many more.