Oh Internet, How I Love Thee


I have found that the internet is my best friend and worst enemy. It keeps me entertained when there is nothing to do, but distracts me when I’m supposed to be doing something productive.

I have discovered how the internet has allowed me to follow the trails of all kinds of people in the arts community, mostly my beloved Los Angeles. I follow galleries, artists, random photographers, and the D-listers no one “outside” the industry knows about. I’m not on the inside but I’ve managed to stumble into some insider-ish activities. I think it’s amazing that I can anonymously view the details of people I don’t know, and may never meet, of whatever they feel it necessary to share with their groups of followers. Artists posting pics of their work in progress, people who simply take beautiful pictures or make really cool art. People who might be part of the regular population IRL, but on the internet have an interesting perspective/voice/view on the world. It’s pretty inspiring, just to be able to so easily find access to what other parts of the world have to offer.

And that’s my two cents for the day.

If finals don’t kill me, you’ll hear from me soon; I have lots of ideas to flesh out and things to share.

Like I said (or threatened) earlier, once I have my iPhone I will be Instagramming the hell out of it, so here's my dog having a ball at the dog park today.


Flip the Switch

My dog looks like a lamp shade.

She got spayed last Thursday.

I wish I could flip the switch and heal her faster.

Chompers in her Elizabethan Collar


Things I advocate:

Pets becoming tax deductions, because for some, they are our children. It’s adopting, and might as well be considered a donation. Why should we encourage the over population of the Earth by tax deducting every little brat that comes into the world unplanned? Okay that part is a little harsh. What I am really getting at is this: people who buy houses, get married, and have kids, get to deduct all that stuff on their taxes. But those of us who cannot afford mortgages, nor do we want to be stuck in a a fixed rate mortgage for 30 years, and also don’t feel like contributing to the financial crisis by defaulting on more debt, don’t get any tax benefits. I also don’t particularly see marriage in my future any time soon, if at all, so why do I get the shaft on taxes? And let’s face it, the world has enough unwanted children. I don’t particularly want any, not in the next 10 years, maybe not ever. So I think I should be able to substitute my dog as a tax deduction. I mean, she needs food, shelter, health care, and education too. (Obedience training ain’t cheap!)

My little graduate

Investing money in prevention of diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease instead of just spending it all on the treatment. Read more about it here:


Graffiti and sticker art. I recently went to a show devoted to adhesive arts. Basically the act of stickering any urban landscape with an adhesive tag or message. The work of Obey is something I have only recently discovered (I honestly thought it was just clothing, I’m out of the loop..) I’ll address more of what I’ve learned on the art at a later time.


What I do not advocate:

Plastic bags. Can we just stop using them already? I admit I still bring them home from work all the time because when I pick things up on the way out, I don’t think about grabbing the reusable bags from the car. However, every bag I get is reused for something else later: trash liners, dog poop clean up, etc. It makes me sad when people ask for double and triple bagging of their groceries because they are walking or whatever reason, why not invest a couple dollars in a few reusable bags? They are inexpensive, convenient, hold more, stronger, and don’t end up in a landfill!

Tuition increases. WTF? Let’s make it harder for anyone to get a degree in this economy why don’t we. What a joke.


Also see this article for additional information on the state of student debt.



Puppies are love incarnate

This weekend my roomie decided she wanted a dog. Well actually she decided this prior, but this last weekend she actually went to check out a dog she saw on Craigslist. If you’ve ever gone to “look” at or “check out” a dog that was up for adoption or sale, you already know that as soon as you lay eyes on the furry little friend it’s done. He has stolen your heart and made your stomach jump into your chest with joy. The overwhelming cuteness makes you want to cry. Why? I have no idea but that’s just how looking at puppies makes me feel.

So we have this giant Husky-Australian Shepard mix now cohabiting with my pint sized Schnauzer-Terrier-ish-mutt mixture. She may be small but she has an attitude like a German Shepard or a Dalmatian. Upon meeting her new friend and roommate, she was all over him like white on rice. She jumps on every dog she meets, bigger than her or smaller. It was soon we found that the pair of them would also be a mischievous pair. Chompers, my puppy, has always been up to no good as soon as no one is looking, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings in her short 7 months. We decided to let them roam free around the apartment to see how they would do being together. At first they were pretty well behaved, but alas it can never last too long. Tonight my roommate came home to find about 7 boxes of Rice-a-Roni torn to shreds and the contents strewn all throughout the living room, in the couch, you get the picture. I wish she had taken a picture of the disaster because, well, despite the nuisance of cleaning it up, it’s pretty funny. You can never even stay mad at them for very long afterward either.

How could you resist these mugs?

This new addition make for 2 dogs, 5 ferrets, and the two of us of course. Quite a full house. But it’s love.

Because I love her oh so much