Crunch Time is upon us.

This is it, the final semester of my undergrad years. And it’s already off to a rocky start. I’m still terrible with procrastination. Uggles. (yeah, I just invented that word, what of it?) Behind in the paperwork for my final project and I’ve discovered my last semester’s work has gone ungraded and isn’t counted. I’m not sure why, I still did work.

I sat down after getting back from my advisement meeting to eat some Greek yogurt and drink my Rockstar to get a move on some serious paperwork that needs to be turned in. I figured to put me in the mood to fight white collar crime of economic meltdown I would watch an economy documentary or Frontline episode on Netflix while I start writing. However, I found a street art documentary.

But onward ho. My project is going to be documented on another WordPress blog. Students for Solutions is my brain child I’ve created in the hope that I can engage the public in a dialogue about how this recession is affecting students. So I hope anyway. Thus far I haven’t received feedback. Am I the only one who is concerned?? I can’t be, not with what has been published on the matter. Here’s an article from last year: Huff Post. In this article it is reported that may graduates are moving back home faced with paying record amounts of debt. This is a frightening thought. At least I won’t be alone in the debt part. Moving back home isn’t an option for me, though. Not that I would even think about it. I moved back home once for a year while I was figuring out how to pay for University. I am not like most students though. I worked full time before deciding to get back into school full time. I worked 32 hours on average per week while taking 12 credit hours per semester. I will still have a massive debt load, however. But I am still able to support myself so I won’t be moving back home.

Anyway kids, think about this and what it all means. Read the articles about what our future is going to be like. I want a better future as I’m sure the rest of you do. I don’t want to work a brainless job for $12 an hour forever. I think big emergencies force us to get more creative and innovative with the solutions. So let’s start figuring out how to overcome this. Here’s my other blog: Read it, comment, feedback, tell me you hate it; either way, let’s start the conversation.