I hate to be one of THOSE people

But, I am going to have to spam my Twitter feed and promote the sale of my photography.

I have had the shittiest start to the weekend. I went and had delicious sushi last night. Then while walking down Mill Ave, a guy on a motorcycle was hit by a car. Thankfully, he was OK, the driver wasn’t going very fast. Still scary. I was awoken to messages from my bank about fraudulent charges being attempted on my card. Thankfully, they were all denied. And today I discover that I will only be working 25 hours next week. Had this information been given to me sooner, I would have been able to get more shifts at my other shitty job. I need a beer. Except my debit card is now inactive! And I don’t have any money!

Which brings me to the idea that if the adoring and lovable public would purchase some art, I could have money. For like food and stuff. Maybe a beer.

So, without anymore beating around the bush, buy some stuff. If you use the code Weekendhero on my Etsy, you will receive free domestic shipping. Hey that’s kind of cool, right?

My other two places of business, Society 6 and Instacanv.as, have also got some new things posted to them.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s weekend is great and you don’t witness any accidents, have your shit stolen, or have your income reduced. Cheers!