On March 20th, 2011, my hero will officially have been gone for 14 years. It’s strange to think that it has been this long. My hero is someone who during his short time on Earth, taught me so many things. He taught me to be myself, to always think about consequences before you act, and unknowingly, how to forgive the people who hurt you in life. No super powers or utility belt necessary for this kind of hero.

Daniel Skyhorse Estudillo


Spring Break day 4, Art Day (My Fantasy Day)

Wednesday was my day of total freedom to wander around and explore. My first stop was the museum at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, the school I wanted to go to after I graduated high school). On display was a exhibition of motion picture costumes including Alice in Wonderland, Shutter Island, Chronicles of Narnia, and True Grit. It was really quite special to see all of these beautiful costumes up close and personal, the details that go into them. They were all so intricate and fabulously constructed. The institute is located right in Downtown LA and has a beautiful park right in the courtyard that is a perfect example of public space being utilized in an urban landscape.

Fountain in the Grand Hope Park, Downtown LA

My next stop was a farmer’s market on Hollywood Blvd. Farmer’s market’s exist in Arizona too, but mostly take place during ungodly early hours on the weekends, when I am either at work, or just getting to sleep after being at work. This one was located on a hillside which made for some spectacular views. I got some jalapeno hummus and a strawberry banana muffin and went on my merry way.

View from the hillside

My next stop was the Gallery 825 on La Cienega Blvd. On display was the work of Susan Arena with her “Imaginary Homelands” Collection. The first piece that caught my eye was “Time of the Stars.” This piece features a woman with a long braid and a mournful look on her face with closed blue eyelids. She has little twinkles surrounding her. I like this piece because it has a certain feeling of home to it, like the collection says. It shows a woman in her homeland where she can be free to be mournful without the world seeing. “Mother of Sorrows” (2008, acrylic, fabric on found frame) was the next one, and actually the featured image that I had seen online while searching for a show to see. The image is haunting. It’s actually not something that I would want in my home, because it is downright depressing. But even so it has this intrigue about it. A veiled face of a woman with tears streaming down her face on top of a floral fabric background, this picture draws in the viewer just using the white eyes. This picture could be of any woman who feels enslaved or dominated by society and its demands on women. I like it, but I just wouldn’t want to look at it everyday. The third piece that is interesting to me is the “Girl with Tiara” (2010, acrylic, collage on canvas). The piggy nosed girl with a blank stare and a sorrowful gaze wearing her tiara with pride is something that makes me think of childhood, putting on princess outfits and prancing around as if the world is a perfect place. However her face shows the distinct feeling in the back of her head that this is the only time she will feel this way, before the world tears down all that hope of beauty queen stardom. This might be a depressing view on this piece, but that is what I see.

After the gallery, I continued in my journey to Santa Monica and Venice to take pictures. I stopped in 212 Pier, for an americano and use of the free wifi while I contemplated my next move and relaxed after driving for so long. This cafe is a fabulous little spot filled with books and an old Bohemia vibe. Off again to find a new parking space before my 2 hour limit was up, I drove down to Venice and parked just off the boardwalk in between some beautiful beach houses that I am consumed by jealously over. To one day be able to have a beach house in Venice, is my dream. I walked along the beach path all the way down to the infamous Venice Boardwalk, where food, cheap goods, and “Kush Doctors” line the sidewalk. People try to sell you their demos, dance and perform for tips, and the occasional hippie just wandering around. There are few places in this world where freedom of expression is welcomed with open arms, and Venice in one of the best to look at. The graffiti everywhere, the murals on nearly every building, wherever you turn there is something interesting to look at.

Calla Lily in the lot of some Venice Beach home

Little guy hanging out on his Venice porch

Purple flowers flow into the purple building

One day

Spring Break Day 1, 2, & 3

Well my vacation is off to an amazing start! The best feeling in the world is not having to work for 1 week! I kicked off spring break and vacation with a little dinner party and get together with the girls at Erin’s place in Phoenix. We (and by we, I mean she) made fish tacos with rice and beans. And dare I say it was delicious beyond reason. We drank wine and ate tacos and dished on all our recent scandals. Girls night doesn’t happen nearly enough.

The Girls

Mmm.. Cod and Tilapia

The first of 4 bottles of wine to be consumed that night, and the best.

Holy crap these were good tacos

I forgot to take pictures of the amazing organic chocolate chip cookies she baked afterward. Whoa, I ate like 4… 0r 9, who’s counting?

After sleeping for 2 and 1/2 hours I was up and packing for California in a flurry. I headed off with a cooler filled with Smucker’s Uncrustables and Sugar Free Red Bulls. After about 2 hours I was already completely sick of hearing myself sing, but I carried on belting out my jams nonetheless. 5 and 1/2 hours later I arrived in Long Beach where my friends live. We quickly readied ourselves in our fabulous cocktail attire and drove off to LA. We made a stop at the X Repertory Theatre where Logan is taking conservatory classes and I will be interning this summer. We said hi to everyone and we were off to the pilot taping for Tyger’s Aunt. We creeped along the Hollywood 101 and drove down Sunset looking for our destination. Finally we found wine bar Vintage Enoteca, now the challenge of finding parking. We didn’t partake in any of the wine but the food was amazing. I had a spicy tuna panini and Tyger had Ox-tail pasta. We were riding high on food. Not to mention the amazing variety of people to watch and all the people who showed up to help out with the pilot to mingle with. Everyone was super nice and we made friends to hang out with in the future. After hanging out for awhile it was time for the taping to start. Lisa (the star) is a hand analyst and she really knows her stuff. She started out analyzing everyone’s hands to find “love matches” to show her setting up. Mine didn’t match up with anyone’s but Tyger’s matched up with Willough’s. Their pairing wasn’t needed for the taping, however. But as were prepped to leave she did one last hand analyst of the four of us standing outside (Tyger, Will, Willough, and me.) Turns out that the curved lines on my hands mean that I like to enjoy the journey to the fullest. Couldn’t be more true.

Half way there!

On Tuesday, after catching up on my zzz’s and Tyger’s audition for a student film, we hit Huntington Beach. Stopping for amazing fish tacos at Wahoo’s, of course. So much good food so far! We hung out at the beach for awhile, the breeze picked up and made us cold so we hit the road back to Long Beach and stopped for frozen yogurt at Yogurtland in the Belmont Shore area. So far this has been an amazing trip and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me! It’s so amazing not having a plan and being here to just chillax.

Pier at Huntington Beach

Watching the surfers on a gorgeous day with awesome waves.

Guerrilla Marketing is a Success!!!

Hey everyone!

If you just checked out my blog from any of the post its or plates you saw around ASU’s Tempe Campus then thank you for coming! Anyone who subscribes today will get entered into a drawing for a special prize, so don’t hesitate, join the party!!! Oh and leave me a comment saying where you saw my blog: paper plates by the MU, tin foiled tables, post it noted doors, or wrapping paper door? Thanks!

Sorry to be short, but I have 2 hours to write a midterm project! So I’ll check back in later.

And if you didn’t catch the stuff I put on campus, here’s a PDF file showing what I did. Enjoy!

Guerrilla Marketing

Cooking with Wookie

As you might have guessed, I am a broke-ass college student. Sometimes food options can be scarce, but as an awesome teacher once said, “Scarcity breeds creativity.” And it does… Tacos!!!

So I’ll start out by telling you, that I practically live off stealing food from my roommate. I’ve had three different roommates in the last 4 years, and each one gets different food. The downside to roommates, they steal food right back.

This cooking project started with a thawed out beef product found in the freezer, pretty sure it came from my roommate’s mom donating all of the oldest contents of her freezer to us. Hey, free is free.

Step 1: Cut beef product into small pieces.

Small pieces for taco filling

Step 2: Spices. Spices are an excellent thing to have, you can get them as cheap as 99 cents, as I recently discovered at the 99 Cent Only Store. They are a a great way to add flavor to anything and everything. Make your Easy Mac gourmet!

Included here are:


Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Chili Lime Mrs. Dash

Onion Powder

Black Pepper

Various spices collected by my roommate and I

Olive oil is another necessity

Pour a tablespoon or so into a bowl and add spices generously. You might have to repeat depending on how much meat you have to season.

Mix it up all nice

Step 3: Add meat. Get the meat nice and covered in the seasoning/oil mix.

Step 4: Put seasoned meat into wok, cover and cook over medium low heat until well done (approx 10-15 minutes), or however you like your beef.

You don’t actually need to use a wok; I just used it because my roommate used the skillet and didn’t wash it yet. 

As you can we are classy folk.
My skillet is somewhere in that pile.
Step 5: Remove cooked beef from wok, and make room for frozen corn that was leftover from something or another.


Cook in the leftover seasoning and meat juice mixture and add canned tomatoes.

Step 6: Add all the taco ingredients.
Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and a blood orange on the side.


I dug in before I could take a pic of the finished product. Whoops.

Nanook wants some of that action.

Finish it off with a beer, because you deserve it after a long day at school!

I wanted to make this all into an iMovie, but as it turns out, that is harder then it looks and I have midterm projects to do. So enjoy!

The perfect age

Is there such a thing? When I was a kid, I never wanted to grow up. I thought being a kid was the best thing ever. Using my imagination to make anything into a toy, watching cartoons, reading picture books, what more could anyone ask for? When I was 13 I thought that was the perfect age, even going so far as to declare that I would be turning 13 again, instead of 14 (practice for turning 29 again 12 times in the future perhaps?). I felt that being on the brink of teenage-hood and on the last edge of childhood was enough for me, who needs all the trauma and chaos that comes with high school anyway? When I was 16 I thought, this is perfect, being old enough to not still be an underclassmen but not quite to the real world yet. I also couldn’t wait to hit 18 though, because as we all know, and foolishly assume as adolescents, that is the age that we are officially an adult and can do whatever we want right? Well, no, not quite, wrong again, Bethanie. So at 18 of course I couldn’t wait to be 21, the legal drinking age! As the people I was hanging around were already of drinking age and I just got to sit and wait patiently while they drank, I felt that I couldn’t stand the wait, and it was much too far away. When 21 finally hit, everything was great! I had the promotion I wanted at work finally, I moved out into a house with my best friend, I had it all. Kind of. At 22 I looked back on adolescence and thought, what a magnificent time to enjoy not having worries like bills, working full time, and final projects on top of all the partying I was doing back then. The grass is always greener, isn’t it? Ages 18-20 are the time to come of age and try to figure out what you want in life thus making them what can be the best years of your life. However in the world I existed in, it was just an extended version of being a teenager in high school, not having enough money to be able to do what I wanted, still abiding by my mother’s rules since I was still under her roof. Now at the ripe age of 24 I feel like the end is near, 30 is just 5 and a half years away, ACK! But in all truthfulness, I realize that this a perfect age. Yes, I’m still clamped down by responsibilities such as that job I hate and cannot wait to dance my way out of upon graduation, rent, car payment, and all those credit cards they waved in front of our faces at 19. But I finally realize the most important thing of all over the last 2 years, something that took at least 22 years to figure out, that I am in control of my life, my future. As children everything is planned out for us, we have no say in it. As teenagers, we still have very little control. But finally, as an adult in the truest sense of the word, I can now honestly say that I am an adult, I am myself, I am independent, and I am going to succeed if it’s the last thing I do. I am responsible for myself and only myself, every decision I make has a reaction and consequence, good or bad, I make it. There is no excuse for when I behave badly, forget about a test, procrastinate a midterm project, or stay in bed all day instead of cleaning, it is all up to me. This notion is the biggest freedom of all. I only wish more people could realize this and stop making excuses for themselves and take charge. Things don’t happen on their own, nothing comes for free, and in the end we only have ourselves to blame for not trying to make the most out of our short time on this Earth. This is the perfect age. And as 50 Cent would say, “Get rich or die trying.”

Here’s a few pictures of me throughout my many “perfect ages”:

At girl scout camp, approximately age 10-11

Senior Prom

As a blonde, about 20.

Hippie Summer of 2010: Playing water balloon badminton

Just cruising