The modern age and its effect on the youth.

I’m literally listening to a teenager’s Soundcloud feed right now. And loving it.

This kid has more talent than I could have dreamed for when I was a teenager. I’m not jealous.

So I was perusing one of my favorite iPhoneography sites, We Are Juxt, and discovered an interview with a teenage Instagrammer , @dj_cue, that isn’t obsessed with taking selfie shots in the mirror. He’s talented, he’s creative, and he’s original. His Instagram feed is so distinct and original.

It kind of amazes me the things teenagers can do in this day and age. When I was in high school, I took pictures for the yearbook on one of those original digital cameras that took floppy disks. Like this:

And now we can take better quality photos on our phones. And while we’re on the subject of how old I am/feel, this was my first cell phone: Many of you might remember these relics of the past, but some of you may just think, what the hell is that? We’ve come a long way, baby. Texting was a new phenomenon then, and now it has virtually replaced talking on the phone. Millions of teenagers upload their Vlogs on to You Tube every day, their entire lives are documented on Facebook and Twitter, and they don’t even have to wait for movies to come out to DVD before they are downloaded straight from the Internet. In this age of over-consumption of technology and media, it’s nice to see kids using technology for good and not evil.

Oh yeah, gonads. Why? Because that word is so funny and never gets used anymore.

I was trying really hard to make a sticker for a sticker campaign yesterday, and it just did not work out at all for me. I kept getting the ratio wrong with going from iPhone to the sticker printer, so I gave up. I am tech retarded quite a bit of the time. I’m working on my handicap though. So I made it a print on my Etsy & Society 6.

Whoa, ever lose entire 10 minute blocks of your life looking at ridiculous celebrity gossip on the Internet? I wish I could say it didn’t happen that often… Must unfollow TMZ on Twitter.


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