iPhone Photography App Tutorial: Part Two

Greetings and salutations. 

Yesterday I posted my first attempt at making an iPhoneography tutorial and I thought I would try another one. These two (yesterday’s and the one I am about to post) are relatively simple. 

ImageThe focus of this image is the girl eating. It may not be the most obviously interesting subject, but I like to watch people, especially at public places like the airport. The idea here was to draw out the subject and let the background fade away. 

Step 1: 


I opened the photo is Gelo, which is a fun app for adding color gel like effects to your pictures. I picked out a darker purple shade. 

  1. The little button here lets you select keeping your photo in color or changing it to black and white. My photo was already in black and white. 
  2. I moved the opacity down to about 55-60%. 
  3. This changes your type of overlay, from all over, to gradient, to a colored shape.
  4. There are three options: TINT, ADD, & OVER. 

After Gelo, I opened it in Snapseed to perform a selective adjust on the subject, increasing the contrast and saturation. 



Next I used Repix to blend out the background people more. I used the stains brush + and colored over the people in the background. 

ImageThe last step was opening it in Laminar and throwing the White Grunge Border on the photo since it’s original Hipstamatic border was “damaged” during the “staining’ process. 


If you liked this let me know.

And as always, you can find me and more of my edits on Instagram: @bethanie_m