Hello 2012

It’s almost been a year since I started this blog, and while I have been lazy about it and not been updating lately, I hope this year will be my year. It is so cheesy to say that. I want to make this year the year I get my shit together. We’ll see.

So far this year I spent new years say in bed with a hangover. My new years eve was a crazy night that started with a bottle of bubbly and then an open Ciroc bar. Needless to say that combo doesn’t end well.

And here I am, day 2 of 2012, waiting in one of those quick loan places because we’re short on the rent. Good job, Wookie. I’m definitely tired of being broke all the time. Tired of the sinking feeling I get when I think about the bills I ignored this week so that I could still have gas to get to and from work. The calls from the credit card companies after I don’t pay. The fees. I hate admitting to flaws, but perhaps it’s time I come clean to myself. I’m terrible with money. I used to be so diligent, so careful. Along the way I fell into this consumer driven trap. And I hate it.

This year though. I can’t fail. I can’t keep living like this.



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