Here today, gone tomorrow.

That’s how my inspiration has been lately. One minute I feel like conquering the world and trying new projects, the next, all I can think about is how things are not going as planned and I want to scream. Or crawl into the fetal position and declare defeat. Seeing as to how I share a room with 2 people, questions might be raised. And there’s nothing worse than having to explain the irrationality of your depression/anxiety/stress/insanity.

What I could be doing is telling you about my great birthday weekend and home visit. But essentially nothing extraordinary happened. Just friends, family, food, and I got a red Wii. Wheee!

I’ve been going to a free comedy show while I’ve been in LA, Brunch Comedy at the Park Restaurant in Echo Park. It’s my favorite part of every other Monday; I’ve seen some great acts. Like who I am now in love with: Rory Scovel and Kyle Kanine. They are hilarious. I’ve always been a fan of stand up, but live stand up is way better then Comedy Central. The swearing isn’t bleeped. All this comedy makes me really wish I could be a comedian. Sure I’m hilarious to myself, but the standing up in front of people is frightening. But like I said, inspiration is here today and gone tomorrow.

Well that’s enough of my random babble. Enjoy the comics up top, they give me quite the chuckle. Have a jolly week.


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