LAB ART Live Painting in LA

So I definitely got behind in posting this entry up since the show was on Thursday.

On Thursday I went to a live painting session at street and graffiti art gallery LAB ART in Los Angeles. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was phenomenal. My growing love of all things graffiti and street art was further fueled by such an excellent gallery. The large space was covered floor to ceiling, wall to wall in works by artists such as Chad Muska, Louie XXX, Felix, Army of One, Stu Rad, Sean D’Anconia, and Snyder. The live painting session by Thank You X, Cyrcle, and Mar! was the best part. I have not ever been able to experience the live paintings of street artists except what I have seen in the films “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and “Bomb It.” Watching these artists work was so inspirational, I felt more connected to the art then just glimpsing at it on the internet, street corners, and gallery hung canvases. I took several of my own snapshots in the gallery, some of the art, some of the fascinating people I was privy to watching throughout the night.

The scene is something I can hardly describe; an eclectic mix of hipsters, fashionistas, old money artsy types, and beautiful people who are there to be seen. Me? I’m an outsider looking in for the time being, scratching at the surface of the Los Angeles art scene wondering how to get in, but nonetheless, enjoying the view from the wrong side of the tracks.

Mural on the way into LAB ART, La Brea

I don't remember the artist, but I dig the straw thing. It amuses me.

Live Painting

Various pieces in the front section

This is really only a few, I’m going to upload the rest to my Flickr.

Also there’s this fun video, from Desire.Obtain.Cherish. who also had pieces in the LAB ART showing.



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