Just Discovered This

Just discovered this video, and I am in love. It could not be more perfect since my relocation to California.

Today I plan on going to the beach. If I could get my ass off the internet where I am staring at craft blogs. (Mama mia, so many ideas!)

So it might be obvious that I love taking pictures. Photography was never some huge thing for me; I mostly bought a camera so I could take pictures with friends and document my adventures. However, in the past year or so I have discovered a new passion for artistic prints. So with no formal photography training I set out with my Canon Powershot to find great shots that can look great as focal pieces in my home and others’ homes. I find myself super jealous of everyone with fancy cameras like Canon Rebels, SLR’s, that kind of mumbo jumbo. I really hope one day to be able to buy a really good camera and take my photography to another level. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Powershot, it’s great megapixel, small and convenient, and takes some great photos, but I would like to be able to experiment with better lenses and what not. So here’s to hoping I can make some money off selling prints and be able to get a shiny new camera.

Oh and here some links to my Etsy, where you can buy prints (to help pay for college and/or new camera), my Flickr, to view some fun photos I take, and my Twitter, in case you actually use it (I promise I’ll try to update more). Just in case you can’t get enough of me šŸ˜‰


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