This is me..

Not sleeping like a good kid should be doing. I have to be up by 7a to fight traffic going from Long Beach to LaCrescenta to arrive to another fabulous day of cleaning, moving, and otherwise assisting the move of the X Repertory Theatre. (It’s still better than my regular job, đŸ˜‰

So far my relocation to California has been awesome. I got to spend my first 2 days and nights at Stay hostel/hotel hybrid in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a very fun to experience the hostel thing without having to travel overseas (although I still want to). From there I explored some more of Downtown that I didn’t see last time I was here, went to the beach, and enjoyed a free comedy show at The Park Restaurant in Echo Park. And a bonus of getting my first California parking ticket from falling asleep on Manhattan Beach, whoops. That makes 4 outstanding parking tickets. City of Tempe, city of Phoenix, and ASU; I should just start wallpapering the walls.

But as much I would love to stay and chat, discuss the meaning of life, and gush about how awesome the weather is in CA, I must sleep at some point. Old habits die HARD, staying up late because you usually work till midnight, happens to be one of mine I am attempting to kill.

I shall leave you with some fun pics though. Enjoy!

Love Cone


Conservatory member Lauren and I dusting

It must be awesome to live in Santa Monica and have a yellow staircase.


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