Slacking, I know

Well here’s an update from the world’s most fabulous procrastinator: I leave in 3 days, and I haven’t packed anything, =O

I need to pack a month’s worth of stuff into my small car. And figure out how to pay the tuition, pay my rent, feed myself, and be able to gas up and go from North Long Beach to LA for the first 2 weeks of my internship. *_*

I have been getting distracted by every little thing these days. You would think that since I am looking forward to this and it’s not actual classes I’m heading off to, I would be on top of it. Yeah… Not so much. I’m not sure how my brain works…

Great news though! Mountain Dew Pitch Black is back!! I have been waiting for years for this triumphant return. I am a huge Mountain Dew fan and try every new flavor that comes out, but none have tickled my fancy like Pitch Black.


=%= Well onward ho. =%=

I entered a photo contest on, a blog from a fellow Etsy seller. The theme is “Pedal Pusher,” which totally coincides with my new love of bikes. Here is my entry:

Ferret Ride

It made Semi Finalist Day 1! I borrowed the roommate’s ferret to make this happen. He/she (I can never tell) was a super awesome model.

But alas, onto my next challenge: attempting to see everyone I know before I go away for a solid month. Oh and packing. It’s quite difficult with my work schedule, but I’ll make it happen.

To the beach, and step on it!


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