Thirst-busters: Dirty marketing tricks

79 cent Thirst-busters from Circle K… are evil. Every day I feel like I should drink less soda, drink more water, and then I am distracted by the cheapness of these 32 ounce and 44 ounce drinks that are the best deal possible. A gallon of water is 78 cents, how can you choose a gallon of water over 32 ounces of Mountain Dew with cherry, lime, raspberry flavoring added AND extra caffeine? Exactly, it’s just too good to be true. Not even mentioning that the Circle K is across the street from me, closer than the nearest Starbucks or grocery store. Once upon a time I worked for a fast food restaurant that always wanted us to “up-size” the value meals for the customer. I felt this practice was shady and contributing the obesity of America, so I never felt comfortable “up-size selling.” I realize now that it is just doing business and trying to maximize profit. The placement of candy bars at 2/$1 at the check out stands in supermarkets is another example of this practice; getting the most money out of people while attempting to make us all fat. At least Target places some healthy snacks up at the check stand, a little more socially health conscious as well as attempting to squeeze that extra $1.59 sale out of the customer. But of course, the true decision lies with the consumer. Most of them are stupid and fall for all these little marketing tricks, though, making it easy for companies to make profits off of us while making us fat. I of course have just admitted that I too, despite knowing exactly what they are doing, fall for these tricks, because I love Mountain Dew, and I love getting it for less than a dollar even more.

The Culprit

I am 5 work days away from leaving for California. They made the mistake of scheduling my last day as closing, (muah ha ha, I won’t be doing much of anything that night…) But that’s what they get for attempting to cheat me out of my last 2 vacation days. Also by not giving me time off for educational reasons. How is that I am sitting here blogging instead of preparing for my adventure? I don’t know, because I have to leave for work in 40 minutes and it seems pointless to invest in a real project and then have to leave in the middle of it anyway. So far I sold my TV, TV stand, old Macbook, and some photo paper to get money for the trip, not bad.

Still for sale: Mini decorative box

And of course photos on Etsy.

My next action plan is to find some new craft items to make and sell. Anyone have any ideas?


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