Here we are, embarking on an adventure. What adventure is this? This is the adventure of me, a college student, attempting to fund my summer internship. What I mean by this is, well I have to pay my rent here at home, and pay the rent in LA, where I’m interning. I also have to maintain all of my regular bills, as well as pay my share of the utilities in this other apartment; one I will be sharing with 2 girls I have yet to meet. It will be my dorm room experience I never got! So while not working my regular job and working for free in another state, I will be surviving on nothing but savings and whatever I can make doing odd jobs and such while I’m there. Food, gas, and fun will no longer be such simple commodities. The most important part of this summer is that unlike last summer that I spent just working my regular job and being broke, this is going to be a summer of learning. Hands on experience for working in a small theatre organization and learning how to run an arts organization. I want to find my passion and grow it. Another important factor, living in LA! My favorite city, well except maybe NYC. It’s a toss up.

So here is where this adventure begins, selling all my stuff to pay for this. I have a terrible habit of being a pack rat. Not to the extreme, but I have realized that I will save all kinds of things, just because I think I might need it again at some point. But the fact is, it just takes up space, and I may never need it again. However, when I do find that I needed something, I am always glad I kept it. Enough is enough, though. I need money and I don’t need all this junk. Logic would tell me that I don’t need 2 computers anymore, DVD’s that I don’t watch anymore, random tchotchkes that serve no purpose, etc. Time to minimize the number of things I have to move every time I move, (every year since age 21 pretty much). I want to learn to survive on less. So here I am, forcing myself to survive without luxuries.

If you would like to help my college fund, here are links to things that are on sale:


Old nonworking Macbook

Photo prints:


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