What did I learn this semester?

No, this isn't what I did all semester!

Well, I tried to stop procrastinating, but it seems that it still overcame me. I have no ability to concentrate until it is the absolute last minute. I read in Real Simple magazine that it is part of our brain’s process to avoid doing things that are the least desirable. So how do we conquer this urge to put off daunting tasks until the last minute? One day maybe I’ll find the answer.

What else… Hmm.. Well I realized that I am still working too much. Or maybe not even too much, I just need a less stressful position. I realize that even though I am used to the stress of my job, and I am used to working backwards hours, and I am used to turn-around shifts (leaving at 12:00 am and coming back at 8:00 am), maybe it is still detrimental to my personal health (mental and physical), school work, and future. I just keep telling myself to stick it out for 1 more year and I can leave after graduation to bigger and better things. Maybe after I spend my summer away from that place that sucks my soul out I will look for something more career oriented. The question is, how to pay big girl bills on student wages? I mean, it might be a problem if you can spend a whole night at a bar after work bitching about your job.

I learned that there are more opportunities out there then we think. Some of them are just waiting to be made.

I learned that I probably can conquer the world, but maybe I should conquer my bad habits first.

Life is a journey and we should enjoy the ride.

I leave you with a few pictures to enjoy.

A tree in my friend's apartment complex

Fire breather from Angelica Gallery


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