April Art Review

During the month of April I attended 2 art shows. One was Sticker Phiends IV at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. This show was showcasing the adhesive arts of many profound street artists and graffiti writers such as Obey, Mad One, and a long list of others. This was the first show if its kind that I have attended. I had never taken the concept of graffiti or street art very seriously until recently. I have a new found appreciation for the effort that goes into the craft. The actual show itself was, well, crowded and louder than I would have usually enjoyed. A small coffee shop packed with kids distributing their personal stickers and flyers, a DJ spinning all night long; a quick walk around to view what was on the walls and I was on my way. Huge crowds are not my forte since I have aged past the point of legal drinking. I still enjoyed the show very much, as I am always down to enjoy art and discover new artists and mediums.

The second was the grand opening of the Angelica Gallery in Phoenix. This is a beautiful gallery placed in an older home, complete with low awnings that I almost had to duck under in my heals (ha!). Angelica Gallery was formerly a traveling gallery that has now found its permanent home. The opening featured live music and fire dancing/breathing as well the main selling point, the display and sale of original Salvador Dali’s. If only I had $15k to throw down. The first painting I viewed was canvas called “2 of Hearts” by an artist named Priscilla. This painting featured dark colors and two lovers nose to nose with the female in a red dress. I was drawn to this painting because of the colors, the texture, and the overall theme: love. It shows a more sensual side by using the dark colors that I found very intriguing. The second and third painting I reviewed were by Sharon Weiser. Her still life oil on canvas called “Cucumber Stack #2” was basically tasty looking. The painting is incredibly detailed with olives garnishing the side. I’m usually not much for still lifes, but when they feature food there is something about them that I love, maybe because they make me hungry. The second one was called “Beauty in a Glass” and featured sea shells and other ocean gems floating in space, or water, with life like detail that glistened. This piece was absolutely beautiful. I have a love for the ocean and nautical themes so I was naturally drawn to this piece. The attention to detail was also very eye-catching, besides the subject matter.

Angelica Gallery


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