On March 20th, 2011, my hero will officially have been gone for 14 years. It’s strange to think that it has been this long. My hero is someone who during his short time on Earth, taught me so many things. He taught me to be myself, to always think about consequences before you act, and unknowingly, how to forgive the people who hurt you in life. No super powers or utility belt necessary for this kind of hero.

Daniel Skyhorse Estudillo


6 thoughts on “Hero

      • thats my brother, i was born a couple years after his death, we have the same father, and i never got meet my big bro, but i still love him and i wrote him a poem today, in honor of his birthday

      • bethanie I want to thank you for the thought that Daniel was a hero. I’m his father and can’t believe that he is gone. Thanks again, peace and be safe. george estudillo

      • I was pretty surprised to hear from you, but I appreciate your kind words. Daniel was very loved by my family and I am truly blessed to have had him for the 10 years that I did. I looked up to him as my big brother.

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