Guerrilla Marketing is a Success!!!

Hey everyone!

If you just checked out my blog from any of the post its or plates you saw around ASU’s Tempe Campus then thank you for coming! Anyone who subscribes today will get entered into a drawing for a special prize, so don’t hesitate, join the party!!! Oh and leave me a comment saying where you saw my blog: paper plates by the MU, tin foiled tables, post it noted doors, or wrapping paper door? Thanks!

Sorry to be short, but I have 2 hours to write a midterm project! So I’ll check back in later.

And if you didn’t catch the stuff I put on campus, here’s a PDF file showing what I did. Enjoy!

Guerrilla Marketing


2 thoughts on “Guerrilla Marketing is a Success!!!

  1. I just wanted to drop by and say that the paper plates scattered on the lawn was an excellent idea, very creative and I liked the fact that they all appeared to be individually unique. I found one that told me to pick it up so I did. Not to forget to mention the directory being turned into a big sign with the table right next to it with “Wookie” taped on it. The one other thing I noticed was the tin foil table, as I walked through campus I couldn’t help but see something shiny glistening in the sun out of the corner of my eye. I found this quite unusual and walked over to see what it was. I saw your post-it notes on the table and sure enough it was another mark left by “Wookie.” As I sat there puzzled as to why this “Wookie” was going through so much trouble doing all these things I figured the least I could do was to check out Wookie’s blog. I would subscribe but I don’t usually partake in blogging or social networking but I will bookmark your blog page and check it out periodically. I admire your hard work, effort, and dedication to spread the word about something you are obviously passionate about.


    a fellow ASU student

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