Cooking with Wookie

As you might have guessed, I am a broke-ass college student. Sometimes food options can be scarce, but as an awesome teacher once said, “Scarcity breeds creativity.” And it does… Tacos!!!

So I’ll start out by telling you, that I practically live off stealing food from my roommate. I’ve had three different roommates in the last 4 years, and each one gets different food. The downside to roommates, they steal food right back.

This cooking project started with a thawed out beef product found in the freezer, pretty sure it came from my roommate’s mom donating all of the oldest contents of her freezer to us. Hey, free is free.

Step 1: Cut beef product into small pieces.

Small pieces for taco filling

Step 2: Spices. Spices are an excellent thing to have, you can get them as cheap as 99 cents, as I recently discovered at the 99 Cent Only Store. They are a a great way to add flavor to anything and everything. Make your Easy Mac gourmet!

Included here are:


Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Chili Lime Mrs. Dash

Onion Powder

Black Pepper

Various spices collected by my roommate and I

Olive oil is another necessity

Pour a tablespoon or so into a bowl and add spices generously. You might have to repeat depending on how much meat you have to season.

Mix it up all nice

Step 3: Add meat. Get the meat nice and covered in the seasoning/oil mix.

Step 4: Put seasoned meat into wok, cover and cook over medium low heat until well done (approx 10-15 minutes), or however you like your beef.

You don’t actually need to use a wok; I just used it because my roommate used the skillet and didn’t wash it yet. 

As you can we are classy folk.
My skillet is somewhere in that pile.
Step 5: Remove cooked beef from wok, and make room for frozen corn that was leftover from something or another.


Cook in the leftover seasoning and meat juice mixture and add canned tomatoes.

Step 6: Add all the taco ingredients.
Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and a blood orange on the side.


I dug in before I could take a pic of the finished product. Whoops.

Nanook wants some of that action.

Finish it off with a beer, because you deserve it after a long day at school!

I wanted to make this all into an iMovie, but as it turns out, that is harder then it looks and I have midterm projects to do. So enjoy!


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