It Rhymes with…


Midterms!!! One marketing test tonight. Maybe I should start studying. One non-profits test tomorrow. Also, maybe I should start studying.

Also on the menu for this week:

1. Putting up art in Hackspace.

2. Helping my mom move to her new and fabulous Tempe condo. No more driving to Mesa to see her, hooray!

3. Operating plan and business overview for Statik Cafe/Lounge/Music Venue due Tuesday. Thank god that is all done and printed.

4. First Friday. Thankfully I have finally been able to arrange appropriately with work so I can enjoy it. Too bad they didn’t honor my vacation day request for Saturday so I could go to the Renaissance Festival. Better luck next week I suppose.

The weather is fabulous, so I rode around town with the sun roof open and windows down. This led to a bee trying to hitch a ride with me. Not cool. If I hadn’t been so concentrated on him not stinging me, I would have snapped a photo for you. Sorry.

Ah, the life of a college student. All I’ve had time for is 2 cups of coffee and a vegan chocolate chip cookie (Alternative Baking Company, yummy!). I’ve spent $7 just on parking today. Printing cost $3.50 today. And the rent is due… Bah! Is is spring break yet??

And the word that rhymes with “DUCK” is, you guessed it… F**K.


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