Los Angeles here I come!

My home away from home has always been Los Angeles. I try to make it out there at least twice a year. I love the beach, I love the culture, I love the hippies, I love the ridiculously over inflated real estate market, I love the hoards of “fake Hollywood” types running around, and I love the smog. Okay, I kid about the smog, also not a fan of the traffic, but you can’t have it all. Every time I go out to LA I am re-inspired to follow my dreams and make it out in LA. It’s not just about the beach and Hollywood tourist culture to me. It’s the lifestyle, it’s the energy, it’s the mentality that this is where dreams come true. Even if everyone’s dreams don’t come true, it’s still a fantastically beautiful place. I can’t possibly not try to make it happen. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I never tried.

So the lowdown is that I got accepted to intern at X Repertory Theatre this summer. This is THE most exciting thing to happen to me in my lifetime. After doing college in the most backwards way and working full time instead of studying full time, things are finally getting to the point where it looks like I can see the end. I will get to spend all summer in Los Angeles, soaking up the sun, learning about theatre and start up arts organizations, hanging out with friends that already moved out there to make their dreams come true, and exploring all that LA has to offer me. I feel like I truly accomplished something. Or at least I will once the experience of a lifetime is over.

So for Spring Break I have decided I will have to road trip it to LA to visit my friends, lay on the beach, check out housing options, and focus entirely on my future, my art, and my dreams. I will, for once, just let the road take me where it may. I cannot wait.

Taken by Sarah Robinson, edited by me.


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