In 5 years…

5 goals for this year:

1. Do an internship in Los Angeles with X Repertory Theatre.

2. Figure out my Capstone Thesis project.

3. Graduate from ASU with my bachelor in the arts degree in Arts Administration in May 2012.

4. Bring up my GPA.

5. Learn about more mediums to use on my art.

5 years from now:

1. Graduated, obtained a job with an arts organization or tv/film production company.

2. Be actively curating art shows in galleries, or in whatever venues I can possibly put art in.

3. Have the business plan for my art venue gallery written and in place.

4. Live in Los Angeles or New York City.

5. Gone to Europe at least once.

More than anything in the world I want to create something for people to enjoy. I want my art gallery to feature work that affects people, makes them smile, cry, think, feel. I want to be able to create experiences for people to enjoy using art and music. A party that is more than just a gathering; I want to create a world of creativity and innovation for people to exist in. I want art to become more than something you look at. I want it to be like stepping into another world.


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