Good things are happening

Today I have a phone interview with X Repertory Theatre for a summer internship, I’m dying of excitement, you have no idea. If I get this internship I will get to be in Los Angeles this summer, I like to call it my second home. Wish me luck!

Next I am doing some costuming for a friend’s short film. Fun time! More on that when it comes.

I am also working on gathering art works for display at Hackspace at ASU’s Skysong. Hackspace is a special area that entrepreneurs can come together, hang out, brainstorm, and work on their businesses and projects. The massive blank white walls are in need of some color and I am super excited to get to help them out by finding art for all the entrepreneurs to look at and stimulate their thinking processes.

Coming up March 31st-April 7th is Phoenix Film Festival and I get to work on the events team!! This means setting up for the parties and silent auction among other things at the festival. I am so excited to be a part of it. Not only do I love film, but I love events and parties and plan to make a business that revolves around the nightlife some day.

This is going to be an exhausting but rewarding semester.

Accidental peace sign on a truck. Good omens.



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