Puppies are love incarnate

This weekend my roomie decided she wanted a dog. Well actually she decided this prior, but this last weekend she actually went to check out a dog she saw on Craigslist. If you’ve ever gone to “look” at or “check out” a dog that was up for adoption or sale, you already know that as soon as you lay eyes on the furry little friend it’s done. He has stolen your heart and made your stomach jump into your chest with joy. The overwhelming cuteness makes you want to cry. Why? I have no idea but that’s just how looking at puppies makes me feel.

So we have this giant Husky-Australian Shepard mix now cohabiting with my pint sized Schnauzer-Terrier-ish-mutt mixture. She may be small but she has an attitude like a German Shepard or a Dalmatian. Upon meeting her new friend and roommate, she was all over him like white on rice. She jumps on every dog she meets, bigger than her or smaller. It was soon we found that the pair of them would also be a mischievous pair. Chompers, my puppy, has always been up to no good as soon as no one is looking, destroying hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings in her short 7 months. We decided to let them roam free around the apartment to see how they would do being together. At first they were pretty well behaved, but alas it can never last too long. Tonight my roommate came home to find about 7 boxes of Rice-a-Roni torn to shreds and the contents strewn all throughout the living room, in the couch, you get the picture. I wish she had taken a picture of the disaster because, well, despite the nuisance of cleaning it up, it’s pretty funny. You can never even stay mad at them for very long afterward either.

How could you resist these mugs?

This new addition make for 2 dogs, 5 ferrets, and the two of us of course. Quite a full house. But it’s love.

Because I love her oh so much


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