A city of reinvention

Every Thursday I have a break between classes at downtown campus of ASU. During this time I would usually do homework or take a nap. Today I decided that with these magical 4 hours of free time that are so hard to come by I would just walk around Phoenix and explore. I had a taco at Vitamin T, quite delicious.

As I walked around I looked for all the familiar places from when I was a kid tagging along behind my dad at all of the numerous cultural (i.e. FREE) events he took us to. I remember the Irish Festival held at Patriot Square Park (now torn down to make room for something unnecessary, good going Phoenix.) I recall sports games held at what was once called America West Arena, now referred to as U.S. Airways Center. I noticed how many things have actually changed in downtown Phoenix, and not just the names of things. The implementation of the Light Rail System has altered the roadways and the way people access downtown.

I snapped pictures all throughout my trip. My favorites are shown below:

Walking through the state’s capital, I feel the city has done a fair share to attempt to reinvent itself into a place that people legitimately want to be. Over the last two years since being a student at ASU, I have been on my own quest for reinvention. I have been transitioning from having a job that I hate being my main focus, to doing everything I can to get the career I have always desired. Phoenix and myself have gone through a lot of steps, and there is more to come.


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