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I live in Tempe, AZ, work in East Mesa and North Phoenix, raised in Glendale, and aspire to move anywhere else as soon as my BA is done. I write about random stuff. Life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness. I like art, I make art, and I try to document art.

iPhone Photography App Tutorial: Part Two

Greetings and salutations. 

Yesterday I posted my first attempt at making an iPhoneography tutorial and I thought I would try another one. These two (yesterday’s and the one I am about to post) are relatively simple. 

ImageThe focus of this image is the girl eating. It may not be the most obviously interesting subject, but I like to watch people, especially at public places like the airport. The idea here was to draw out the subject and let the background fade away. 

Step 1: 


I opened the photo is Gelo, which is a fun app for adding color gel like effects to your pictures. I picked out a darker purple shade. 

  1. The little button here lets you select keeping your photo in color or changing it to black and white. My photo was already in black and white. 
  2. I moved the opacity down to about 55-60%. 
  3. This changes your type of overlay, from all over, to gradient, to a colored shape.
  4. There are three options: TINT, ADD, & OVER. 

After Gelo, I opened it in Snapseed to perform a selective adjust on the subject, increasing the contrast and saturation. 



Next I used Repix to blend out the background people more. I used the stains brush + and colored over the people in the background. 

ImageThe last step was opening it in Laminar and throwing the White Grunge Border on the photo since it’s original Hipstamatic border was “damaged” during the “staining’ process. 


If you liked this let me know.

And as always, you can find me and more of my edits on Instagram: @bethanie_m

Mobile Photography App Tutorial

I’ve really been meaning to do this for a long time, I guess I am finally bored enough with web surfing to post it. 

I am trying to get myself back into shooting and editing and creating content for the world to read. This blog has quite literally fallen off the face of the Earth. My Earth anyway. I haven’t got the time or the patience or the inspiration to blog random stuff that I think only I’m into. 

So, here we go!


Hipstamatic Photo

This is the original photo taken at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. While I shot a bunch of pictures from out the car window, unfortunately I couldn’t get out and get closer, since I was with other people who just wanted to drive around. 

The film I used is Nike AO BW and I can’t tell you the lens unfortunately because i deleted all of the Hipsta Prints in the app trying to make room on my phone. Sh*tty circumstance for having only 16 GB. 

The first step is opening the photo in the app Satur8, a cool new (to me) app from the creator of Decim8. This app lets you play around with various color schemes and gradients. 


The color gradient used


The shape


The blending mode used

I can’t really explain how this app works aside from picking a color scheme, a shape, and a blending mode and moving the color dots around until you like what you see. I have only gotten to mess with it a handful of times.


After Satur8

Next I went to iColorama S, which is an app chock full of cool effects to throw around and layer.


iColorama S

I went into Colors – Colors II – picked filter 20/30 – picked the second dot – and slid the opacity down just a tad. I liked how it darkened the side of it making the focus the more on the statue itself.


Repix app

Next I used the Repix app to hatch out the grass and plants around the edges. I used the Hatching brush on the “Plus” side.


The finished image

I think I might try to do more of these, showing the editing process behind various photos. 

I know when I first started out with mobil editing, I scoured the Internet and Instagram looking for all the tips and clues I could get and figured out the rest. 

You can see all of my edits on my Instagram @bethanie_m.

If you liked it and would like to see more, please feel free to leave a comment. 


Sugar Art & Fashion Show: Phoenix

Tonight, March 23rd, 2013, Mad Girl Productions will be presenting the Phoenix version of their Sugar Art and Fashion Show tour. It will be held at the Duce in Downtown Phoenix from, well, RIGHT NOW to Midnight.

I personally get the honor of hanging 3 pieces in the show, which I am very excited for. It will be the first time my junk is hanging in Phoenix that wasn’t for a fundraiser silent auction or in a display case at ASU.

I have finally updated my shop with what I believe to be the best of my older work and one new piece that is hanging in the show. I would like to continue to update it with my newer stuff, that which you might find on Instagram or Flickr under bethanie_m.

With my excitement behind attempting to reactivate myself creatively, I have decided to do a coupon code for this weekend in honor of the Sugar Art Show. The code will be sugarart and it will give you 20% off at checkout.

I am excited to be able to share my artistic point of view outside the digital world and I hope to meet some cool people in the mix. Not only that, but I have 1 iPhoneography print being displayed. I hope to represent the new form of art so more people can explore it and we can all benefit from the community.

My name is Inigo Montoya, you stole my bike, prepare to die.

My apartment maintenance stole my bike. First the wheel was stolen, then, months later, the maintenance man stole my bike. Because it looked abandoned. Well, sir, the difference between abandoned and not mobile is lost on you.  My bike was missing a wheel. Times are rough and replacing a wheel to a bike that probably wasn’t going to get ridden until the weather got nicer, was not in the financial cosmos for me. Now I am missing an entire bike. Why someone would just assume it was abandoned and remove it, without warning, is lost on me. Where was I to put my bike? I have a tiny apartment, and there is nothing to lock the bike to except the staircase, in front of my apartment. As a rent payer, this made the most sense to me. Trust me when I say I would have seen a warning, and complied with it. I look at my bike with its missing wheel every day when I come home. It depresses me. Another reminder of how life is not ideal right now. I also check to make sure everything is still intact. The bike was certainly not going to wheel me anywhere, therefore it sat. The chain became rusted due to monsoon storms. If I no longer wanted the bike, I would have sold the frame, the remaining wheel, the expensive u lock, and the basket. Or I would have said, Fuck it, and thrown it away myself. I don’t care if every other Tempe resident leaves their bike skeletons there to rot away. I was not planning on leaving it when I moved, or never touching it again. I was planning on getting a new wheel for my $200+ investment when money was a bit more flowing, so that during the cooler months, I could still enjoy riding it around to Tempe Marketplace and A mountain. I looked around for the perfect bike to suit my needs and style at an affordable price. It served me very well, until some jackass decided that he needed a pink wheel. Probably to sell for drug money. So congratulations stupid fucking bike thief, and crappy ass apartments, you have ruined my day. My week even.

In addition to that, I bought a gallon of gas with change this morning. There is nothing that says, You are a successful individual that slaved away at a job you hated and put yourself through school and finally made it out alive, like buying one gallon of gas, with change, so you can make it to another job, that pays you less than you made before you got your degree.

Life is just peachy, and I will celebrate Wednesday with copious amounts of alcohol. Cheers.

Lyrics Series

So sorry for the absence. Life has been… boring to say the least. Instead of forcing an entry I prefer to wait until I am inspired. I have never much understood the tumblr format of blogging where you post random shit, not shit that is yours either, shit that you found on the internet. I blog for the catharsis of writing. Of sharing. Of creating. So, yeah, when I am bored, you will not see posts. That being said… Let’s move on to the purpose of this.
I have found myself very inspired by lyrics lately. A song gets stuck in my head, it plays over and over, I think about visualizing it. Songs that have lines and hooks that resonate with me, and my world, and the twisted maze that wraps around my brain deserve solid creations. So, without further adieu, here they are.

Buddha, with Kid Cudi lyrics.

Foster the People, Warrant

Self Portrait Collage, with AFI lyrics

I hope to find the inspiration for more. You can always keep up with my bullshit on Instagram (@bethanie_m) and Flickr, link is somewhere on this page.